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24 Months
Product name:
Throttle response controller
Other name:
Electronic throttle accelerator
Applicable car models:
Electronic throttle vehicles
Improve throttle sensitivity and remove engine delay
Plug and play
5 V
1 Set

iWhy do you choose Pasfe(JinChiFeng):
1.Electronic throttle accelerator professional R & D manufacturer established in 2014, with sufficient experience
2.Technology innovation, multiple functions, stable performance
3.The circuit board has reasonable design, sufficient materials and protective circuit.
4.Produced by our own factory, quality, cost and delivery date are guaranteed, and OEM can be provided.
5.Applicable vehicle model complete (global models), new models can also be customized

Pasfe Power booster function and specification:
1.This product is mainly through the optimization of car signal,Release the power of the car,And advance to open the throttle and improve the opening and closing sensitivity of the throttle to improve the car's handling
2. 10 Modes:Race mode-->Sport mode-->City mode-->Normal mode -->ECO mode,Race\\Sport\\City mode is power enhancement mode, each mode has 9 levels of fine tuning
3. This product uses special car accessories, Don't change the structure of the car, The system is automatically matched with the car, MT and AT automatic compatibility, Plug and play, The sense of the acceleration is classified subtly from strong to weak , what's more , it applies relative smooth effective curv es to make sure the accelerating sensor and keep the
manipulation difficulty at the same time
4. This product has some special functions and adds a brand-new dual-power driving system with two styles and two zone matching effects.So that each car can be matched for the best effect。
5.All functions are in an interface, can achieve a quick keyboard switch
6. Intelligent Learning function:( Learn)
It can learn the computer data of the original car and accurately match to achieve better results. The learning function must be used when installing this product for the first time
7. Lock function:
When the anti-theft mode is started, the password can be set to make the car unable to refuel normally
8.Dual-power driving system:(SWIT)
This product has a dual power driving system. You can click "switch" to switch and select different power driving systems, so as to achieve the best matching power effect of different vehicles, different displacements and different gearboxes and different years

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