Экстракт подсластителя, сменный порошок сладкого сахара пищевого класса

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Product Description

Food additive / Compound sweetener / Free saccharin sodium

Sweetness: 130 times/ 200 times

Introduction:The latest generation of international sweetener as the base material, supplemented by a variety of food additives in line with FB2760 made of healthy compound sweetener, can partially or completely replace sucrose

Product features:
Delicious:pure and delicious, like sugar
Safety in general sweetness requirements, fully in line with GB2760 standards
Stable acid resistance, test resistance, high temperature resistance
Saving sweet cost is less than 8% of sucrose, can reduce cost, improve quality

Cautions: Because this product does not contain anti - caking agent, bitter a little agglomerate does not affect normal use

Product Name
Sweet Powder
White to off-white fine powder crystallin granular
Packed in Full Cardboard Square Carton with a Net/bag

Using Effects

Preserved fruit
In the production of candied fruit, sweeteners are essential food additives.
The compound sweetener prepared by appropriately compounding the respective characteristics of the sweetener is added to the production of candied fruit, which can optimize and sweeten the sweetener.

Baked goods

In bakery foods, sweeteners not only give the product a good appearance, but the browning or caramelization produced by the Maillard reaction between sucrose or glucose and amino acids can also give the product a good taste and flavor.


Drinks require a long shelf life, so the stability of sweeteners is very important.
Taking carbonated beverages as an example, in the sensory test of cola beverages, it was found that aspartame was added to the beverage and then stored at room temperature for 3 to 4 months.


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1. Q: Do you supply free samples? How can we get samples from you?
A: Yes.We can

2.Q: What payment terms do you accept?
A:L/C, T/T, DP.West Union

3.Q: Do you accept third party inspection?
A: Yes.we do

4.Q: Where do you load the goods?
A:China main port.

5.Q: What types of containers are used to package products from your company?
A:20'FCL,40’FCL or as customer requirement.

6.Q: Is your company able to accept custom and meet customer specific specification requirements?
A:Yes,we can supply the products according to the customers request.

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