2021 new design Agriculture 0.5m3 home fabric biogas digester storage bag for biogas

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Product Overview

Biogas digester storage bag
1. Material:
Two kinds of materials with different thickness for your choice,
Red mud composite membrane: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.8mm.
High strength industrial polyester damp net cloth: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm.
Due to the chemical reactions in the digester we suggest the second material.
2. Size:
we can produce different sizes according to your need. Normally, 8 CBM and 10CBM biogas
digester will be enough for household plant.
3.Brief Introduction:
The digester is teapot shaped with gas outlet hole, feed inlet, and material outlet, with pipes assembled. The diameter of the feed inlet and material outlet both are 200-300mm, big enough for the material goes in/out smoothly. Meanwhile the feed inlet and the material outlet are whole welded, not bolt connected, which makes it more light and better tightness.
Normally the digester can be installed under the ground, half under the ground, or on the ground, that depends on the
local environment.
4. Advantages:
A. long use life, normal use up to 15 years.
B. high temperature resistant (50°C)~(- 20°C), acid and alkali resistant, , earthquake, ripstop, flame retardant.
C. built pool for 100% success rate.
D. venting rate is high, won't appear build pool air-leaks phenomenon.
E. high safety, no pool, no human dangerous.
F. effectively solve the problem of the Crusting
G. after the moving, can repeat to disassemble with only air.
H. short time limit, general just need 1 day can build the pool, and the next day can be put into use.
I. specialist himself, no need simple maintenance can begin.
J. built pool, the ground is flexible, can be built underground pool.
K. but fold, light weight, easy to transport and the costs is very low.
5. Tips for Household Biogas Digesting:
The material feed of household biogas project is normally divided into two types, one at a time feeding(staw), or continuous feeding(animal waste or human waste).
Take the continuous pig manure feeding household biogas plant for example (according to the daily temperature in south China), for a 8CBM soft digester the available fermentation volume is about 6CBM, then following will be the material we need to product biogas,
1). 1200kg pig manure(the Total Solid rate of pig manure is 18%)
2. 500kg prepared inoculum.
3). 3300kg water.
4). Because the digester is installed with the pigpen and the toilet so the daily feeding is automatic.
For you information: the Inoculum is for speeding up the biogas fermentation which is rich of Methane bacteria substance. Normally can be prepared by local material, 500kg inoculum can be produced by 250kg sludge and 250kg animal waste after 10 days sealing.

Biogas digester storage bag
Brand Name
Consult customer service for specific size
Need to customize
Blue,green,white,red,yellow,gray,orange, black,camouflage,other colors
Biogas digester
Custom service
Support for custom

Multicolor / Support for custom

Product Parameter

Product material
(1)high-strength industrial polyester fiber red mud biogas digester material
PVC film: 1mm biogas special red mud material
(2) The air storage bag of the biogas digester is provided with an air outlet and a transparent buckle.The gas ventilation hole
from the fermentation tank will enter the air storage bag, and the transparent buckle can be fixed with PP rope.
50*40*34 CM;OEM
Pool capacity:
8-1000000 cubic meters
Gas production rate:
0.6-0.6m3/m3*d (annual average value in solar greenhouse)
1.5-2kg (dry matter) /m3*d (equivalent to 1-1.5kgCOD)
normal working air pressure:
< 4KPa
Limit pressure:
gas capacity:
the total pool capacity of 1/5
PH requirement of fermentation raw materials:
about 7-7.2
material and liquid temperature requirements:
> 15 degrees
carbon nitrogen ratio:
concentration ratio:
4%-6% (dry matter content)
Lighting area (daylight room temperature) :
> 1-2m2/m3
Degradation rate:
> 70% (retention period over 30 days)
2kg/m3 (more than 2 when the pool capacity is large, less than 2 when the pool capacity is large)

Details Images

Sturdy, durable:

Made of three layers of PVC clamping net design, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, longer use

Thick material:
0.7mm-1.6mm, can be customized thickening materials

Heat resistant 90 ℃.Cold resistance -40℃, strong acid, alkali resistance

Compressive Strength

Display of process details

Hot melt reinforcement

The water design

Add water outlet, water outlet is more convenient

Quality inspection show.
Suppression of detection
1. The blower will flush the gas into the water sac to 0.2MPa, and the barometer will keep the parameters unchanged. After standing for 12h, the barometer will be qualified if the parameters do not change;
2. After filling with water, place a weight on the plane of the water sac for gravity test;No overall leakage is qualified;

Successful projects

Project in jining

Outdoor perennial use of fadeless does not age,Can be applied to agricultural water storage, agricultural drought resistance.

Project in taiyuan

Even in the sharp rough ground will not scratch the product,It has the advantages of compression resistance and wear resistance.

Project in linyi

It has the advantages of foldable, soft, mobile, large capacity, customizable, portable, weatherproof and other products, which
are widely used in liquid transportation and liquid storage.

Company Profile

Company profile
Weifang Baoyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a software container scientific research, development, production, sales, service as
one of the comprehensive enterprises, to "quality-oriented, customer first, scientific and technological development, all-day
after-sales" as the company's business philosophy

Product packaging

Our Advantages

Quality problems to provide return, replacement, repair and other services

Provide maintenance materials free of charge for life

24-hour customer service is always on call

Installation services
1. All of our products can provide installation video or video technical guidance, and these services are free of charge;
2. If you want our technicians to come to your place, we should charge you a certain fee.

After sales problem

1. After you receive the goods or use the goods, if you find quality problems, please contact us, I will provide you with
replacement, repair or return services;
2. In case of man-made damage or accident, we will provide repair materials for free, but you have to pay the express fee.
3. We promise to guarantee the quality for two years after you receive the goods. If there are welding cracks and other situations
within two years, we will provide you with replacement, repair or return services;

Cooperative Enterprise


1. Can you provide samples?
A: Yes, we can send you samples so that you can check the quality.
2. Can I get a discount?
A: The price is negotiable. We can give you a discount according to your quantity.
3. How much is the freight?
A: The freight is calculated according to the weight of the package, the mode of transport and the destination
4. Can you offer custom size and style?
A: Yes, we can.
5. What is your lead time?
A: Usually 10 to 15 working days after you receive your payment.If your order is urgent, we can arrange it for you in advance.
6. What is your warranty?
A :1-3 years (except intentional damage).
What will you do if the goods we receive are not of good quality?
Answer: 1. Take pictures of the defective goods to us;2. Keep these goods for us;We will give you a refund or replace the good
8. What if there is an accident of breakage?
Answer: Our product repair stickers, you need to hot melt to the damaged areas.
9. Can you provide repair materials?
Answer: can provide, and is the material is not charged, but you have to give express fee.

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