99.99% стерилизация, генератор гипохлористой кислоты, электролизированная окисляющая вода

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product name
Hypochlorous acid sprayer/ humidifier/disinfector/Hypochlorus Acid Generator Disinfection Equipment
Product number
Applicable water source
pure water
Pure salt
Single liquid production time
Single liquid
production quantity
Bacteria Sterilizing rate
Air sterilization rate

Q. Is sample order available?
A: Yes, it’s available upon request.
Q. How long do you need to prepare sample ?
A: take 1-5days.
Q. What payment terms do you accept?
A: For samples, we accept Ali pay, BANK T/T in advance. For a large amount , accept Bank TT.
Q. How much will the express delivery cost for the sample?
A: The express delivery cost depends on the sample quantity, weight, carton measurement and which country you would like to send.
You can enquiry our sales person for exactly information.
Q. How to ship the goods to us?
A: For samples order, usually delivery by carrier like DHL, TNT, FEDEX etc; for a large amount order, usually ship by air or sea.
Q. What can I do if I have more questions need be answered.
A: Pls send us your detailed enquiry. We will reply you within 12 hours.
Q. Hypochlorous Acid Water Sterilization principle of the machine?
A: ORP redox potential higher than +1100mV,effective chlorine 60mg/L±10mg/L, pH value 2.0-3.0, and its high ORP value and low pH
value exceed the microbial The scope of survival changes the cell membrane potential of microorganisms, leading to enhanced cell
permeability, bacterial swelling and destruction of cell metabolic enzymes, overflow and dissolution of intracellular substances,
so as to achieve the effect of killing microorganisms.
Q. Is there any difference between the hypochlorous acid generator and the electric potential water?
A: Electrolyzed acidic oxidizing water is hypochlorous acid, it is the same product, name is different.At present, the safe and
environmentally friendly hypochlorous acid is hypochlorous acid water generated by electrolysis, which is non-toxic and harmless
to the human body. After the sterilization of hypochlorous acid is completed, it can be completely degraded naturally, without
residue, corrosion and odor.
Q. What is the cost of hypochlorous acid water produced by the hypochlorous acid generator?
A: The cost includes electricity, salt and water. The cost is low, and the cost can be calculated based on actual local prices.

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