Кардио-защита, диетическая добавка для регулирования гемодинамики или кровообращения, 30 капсул

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Our Company

                                                      Doctor Ocean                                                          
Doctor Ocean is a family of unique marine vitamin complexes for beauty, health and active lifestyle.

Their basis is the unique healing properties of marine organisms, whose effectiveness has been proved by successful use in various fields of medicine.

Products Description

A complex containing low molecular weight nucleic acids, magnesium and peptides from squid ganglia. The action of the components of the complex is aimed at improving myocardial trophism and increasing the resistance of cardiomyocytes to ischemic conditions.
Taking into account the direction of the action of the components of the complex, CARDIAC PROTECTION is recommended for people experiencing high physical and psychoemotional stress, as well as for the elderly as a means to maintain the functional state of the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems.

The Supplement Provides:
- Regulation of hemodynamics
- Normalization and decrease in the blood lipoprotein index atherogenicity,
- Reducing the incidence of tachyarrhythmias and extrasystoles,
- Increasing life potential, and also, stimulating physical and mental performance.
- Increasing endurance to physical exertion

The CARDIOS PROTECTION complex includes completely
natural marine components:
Nucleotides from salmon milk help maintain metabolism cardiomyocytes in conditions of impaired blood supply, thereby contributing to an increase in their surviv, as well as normalization of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

Magnesium chloride is responsible for the normalization of magnesium-potassium metabolism, reduces the manifestation of stress caused by psychoemotional stress, normalizes the transmission of a nerve impulse, including in the myocardium.

Peptides from squid ganglia have a pronounced effect on the state of the immune response, contributing to strengthening the immune defense, reduced in persons exposed to stress, high physical and emotional stress, as well as in people of older age groups modulating effect on the mechanisms of regulation of hemodynamics, improving blood circulation.

Number of packages per course - 1.

Capsules Volume: 30 Capsules by 0.5 g.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging - Craft Paper Box.

Delivery depends on quantity, shipment destination and customer's wish.


1. Can I get samples?
Sample is possible. Delivery is paid by the buyer, any quantity.
2. Can I have my own customized product?
No, unfortunately, it isn't possible.
3. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost?
3 Days

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