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Fresh Pomegranates Specification



Varieties available:-

Granada Pomegranate
Estimated counts of measurements pomegranate fruits per carton boxes)
Counts: 8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18 fruit per box
Size: 250: 500
Packing available:-

5 kg standard open top cartons
171 carton box/pallet/3420 boxes/container
Pallet net. Weight 855 kg
Container Capacity:

Tons per container: 18 Tons.
Pallets per container: 20 Pallets
Cartons per container: 3400 cartons
Cartons per pallet: 170 Cartons
Maturity & Quality:-

The red color in juice is equal or darker of color 12/5-rs according to the color list mussel- ph is less than 1.85%
Divide of the fissures, wounds, bruises and rot The color of skin fruit is red Flavor depends on the ratio of sugar to acidity and it differs according to the types preferably, the proportion of tads is higher than 17%
Optimum temperature

Storing on 50 for two months, In case of storing for more time, it stores on 7.2 to avoid damage cooling






Product name

Fresh Pomegranate

Place of origin



400 gram +/- 50 gram


300/350/400/450/500 grams

Cultivation type



10,000 metric tons per season

Minimum order quantity

One container 40feet 20ton


Container 40feet load 20-21 metric ton

EST lead time

Changeable regarding customer port

Shipping port



 Plastic box 5kg & carton box 5kg




0.0142 s.