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Product Description

Product Name
Innovative Sous Vide cooker with Ultrasonic Even Precise temperature all the tank 2in1 use as Cleaner + 10L Sous Vide cooker
Whole body Stainless steel + SUS304 stainless steel tank 6L
Precise temperature slow cook with ultrasonic, Calibration - deviation offset, 8 x preset memory, Ultrasonic cleaning 
1 unit per carton

  • Product Features 

* Innovative patent design to utilize Ultrasonic functioning with Sous vide for higher level of heat even and precise temperature distributed all over the tank. Even "crowded" of food bags, tiny bubbles created by ultrasonic can carry heat going through the gaps.
* Ultrasonic vibration acts to help rubbing flavor ingredient into food, in certain extend, even can tenderize hard tissue of food.
* Stainless steel water bath tank- Ready to be used, durable and easy to clean
* Intelligent Manual Calibration function to offset Temp. deviation
* Sensitive touch keys panel with Clear LED display, one-glance for all working condition
* Full tank area coverage position of heater to ensure even heated
* Sharp sensor and quick response to keep Set Temperature Auto-balanced
* 8 pre-set programs to store frequent used cooking setting
* International standard food grade tank materials and safety approval
* Selected heating element for long time steady working, but low energy consumption
* Stainless steel lid to prevent heat loss and vapor pollution and present Professional & Solid outlook

Details Images

Features of SVU 10LA.

Sophisticated mechanism to offset Temperature Deviation if it is found. User can do it DIY to keep machine with accurate
temperature during long time of using life.

Equipped with 2 x 50 watt Ultrasonic transducer. It can be used as Cleaner for Vegetable, Fruit, Seafood or even Kitchenware and other stuff.
Tips: Less of water will get more cleaning power
With help of detergent, cleaning effect will be better
8 Preset Memory Quick start:
This function provides friendly using quick start for user to input the frequent used cooking setting.
Then no need to check the time and temperature from table, Apps or recipe book.

Product Usage

If cooking a large number of food bags (like left picture) in SVU large tank cooker, it has no worry about uneven temperature in the tank.
Ultrasonic function can generate numerous tiny bubble that can go through the gaps and carry heat to every where.

True Value of Sous Vide cooker:
Sous Vide cooking is getting more and more popular. Comparing to Microwave, Pressure cooker, Air Fryer, SOUS VIDE cooker has
TRUE value of:
NUTRIENTS preserved.
Certain high extend of nutrients of food are spoiled after cooked by above mentioned other cookers.

For Details of Theory of Sous Vide cooking, please search from internet world for Sous Vide cooking.
The Benefits are as below:

1) Healthy, more nutrient
2) Better taste
3) Overcooking is virtually impossible
4) Reduce Preparation time
5) Reduce risk of Contamination
6) Energy Efficient

Sous Vide cooking example

Steak Sous Vide Cooking:
Basic Sous Vide Steak Recipe
Seal your steaks, either by using the water displacement method, or by using a vacuum sealer. Cook sous vide for 60 minutes for 1”
thick cuts. Remove the steaks from the bags and pat them dry. Sear the outside of the steaks using your preferred method.

Sous Vide cooking example
Salmon Fish Sous Vide cooking:
salmon is way easy to overcook, which is why sous vide is such an excellent method for preparing it. Unlike fish made in a traditional oven, the exterior of sous vide–cooked salmon never contracts and dries out from exposure to too much heat. So we cook ours in Sous Vide method in water heated to 122 °F / 50 °C , After about 40 minutes, the fish emerges bright pink in color, with a spectacular fork-tender texture.

Ultrasonic cleaning example

Grape cleaning by Ultrasonic is very efficient and many users like to clean it.
Put the basket containing grape into tank, just need to have water covering all the grape, less of water will get more cleaning power. Using fruit washing detergent will help a lot. After ultrasonic washing, rinse with clean water is needed.

Pictures above show that restaurants use our commercial type large tank Sous Vide Cookers

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Packing of our machine is with EPE anti-collision Foam, that is thick and strong enough for protection of machine. Outer carton is worthy of long distance transportation.

Company Introduction

As Hong Kong base company, our factories have been set up in Shenzhen and Dongguan of China since 2005

Our Services & Strength
Independent R&D for innovative products
Skillful workers with constant production
Attentive QC control
On time comprehensive communication in HK Speed&Style
Careful following up of orders,
Passionate customer service
Responsible repair support in technical and parts


What are the advantages of our machines comparing to other Sous Vide cooker?

Being leading manufacturer of Sous Vide water bath type cooker, we have foresight about this business and so we are proud of our
Full Line-Up models, that have been developed since 2013. Our products are designed for friendly used at all possible condition to achieve the extraordinary delicacy of Sous Vide. Our products can be served ranging from :
a) Home to commercial use
b) Small size to large fabricated tank
c) Basic heating type to Sous Vide SONICATOR (Ultrasonic patent type)
d) Regular function models to tailor-made features or usage models.

NOT just simply make one item seeking to sell more and earn quick money with less care of sustainable issues, that are happened to so many Stick type Sous Vide cooker.

Probably in the same field, we can't find other companies in China having same capability as ours. Welcome to take a deeper look into our products if you are interested in Sous Vide cooking business. In the future, we will dedicate for more innovative products and work closely with expertise Culinary companies all over the world.

Below are few pictures showing what are the advantages of our machines and what are disadvantages of others.

The most important one is: SVU-10LA is made of 304 grade stainless steel water tank. Heating element and Ultrasonic transducer are well positioned under tank for even heating coverage for whole tank during operation, so it can cook well even food bags are "crowded" in the tank.

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