Светодиодная вспышка из искусственной кожи для стандартной щетины

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Darts, an elegant, gentleman's sport, the day of fast-paced life is over, go home and have a relaxing exercise. Don't let the dim
environment defeat our last psychological construction. "BoCheng", BCsports, means hard work and success, a brand who is a
professional designer that focuses on darts players. The dartboard surround with a LED light lights up different lights for you.

Enjoy the pleasure of throwing to your heart's content.

PU Dartboard Surround with LED light
1.65 KG
6.5 CM
Outer Diameter
68.5 CM
Inner Diameter
45.5 CM
Black, Red

Unique Appearance: 1. Convex surface, 2. Double eyelids, 3. LED light

The high CRI height restores the ture color of the dartboard, which is the focal point and highlight the theme, and the eyes are completely free from the interference of light, so it is clear at a glance! Make the dart player’s attention more focused and focused.

The installation is very convenient, and there is almost no difference in installing ordinary retainers in peacetime.
The most important is lighting, which cannot be done or imitated by other lights on the market: our surround is not limited by the power supply, the home power supply can be used indoors, and the external power supply or mobile phone charger can be used for outdoor and power failure.

Appearance & function:

Appearance: 1. Convex surface, 2. Double eyelids, 3. LED light

1.1 Can be seamlessly connected, can more comprehensively wrap the dart target, there will be no embarrassment of the dart stuck between the dart board and the dart surround;
1.2 By virtue of its unique appearance, it will make people feel fresh and bright. Its market potential is infinite, and it will replace the popular flat dart surround someday in the future.

2.1 Psychological effects:
2.1.1 Will make the player more able to concentrate, thereby increasing the hit rate. It is ergonomically designed, just like a person's double eyelids. Just imagine that when the player compares it to the eyes of a couple, it is a beautiful thing to look at it, relaxing and focused.

2.2 Physiological effects:
Using it can visually enlarge the dartboard in the eyes of the player when playing darts, thereby increasing the hit rate. It is the same as double eyelids can dilate the pupils. Because people believe that people with double eyelids always have larger eyes.

3.1 It does not hurt the eyes but also protects eyesight. Linked with the game of darts, it not only make players to concentrate in the dark but also corrects eyesight. In addition, it also make players to enjoy a visual feast, because it can blend with the dartboard in the dark night! This is the charm of the led dart surround.

Method of use: If it is daytime, it is no different than a flat guard ring. If it is dark, you only need to use a small mobile power supply or household electricity to light it up!

Installation method: Same as ordinary darts surround, very simple!

Multiple Process Display For Darts

Using the finest injection moulded tungsten to maintain the loved slim barrel all over grip with colorful metallic coating, make the outlook, feel and performance all the best for you!

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