Недорогие школьные открытые многофункциональные письменные столы и стулья

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Cheap school open teaching multifunctional desks and chairs performance space_20210926095421.png_20210926095424.png_20210926095426.png_20210926095429.png_20211008143448.jpg202011181605685958257.jpg_20211008143432.jpg1. Size: the size of the third floor is 1220 * 1150 * 610 ± 10mm; The width of each step is 380 ± 10mm and the height is 200 ± 10mm; Small stage size: 1530 * 1220 * 300 ± 10mm;
2. Material: high density PE;
3. Process: blow molding, light material, wear resistance and compression resistance, strong anti-oxidation function, no cracking after long-term use, high hardness and strength, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation and cold resistance;
4. Function: the steps of the chorus platform can be turned over, which can be adjusted to two layers. The chorus platform can also be turned into an integral small stage. The side wheels are designed to facilitate moving.

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