100% натуральный высококачественный экстракт чеснока, порошок аллицина

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100% natural high quality garlic extract Allicin powder

Product name
Allicin powder
White Powder
food grade

Product description:
Allicin (also known as diallyl disulfide) is extracted from the liliaceae plant garlic. It is the main antibacterial component in the volatile oil of garlic. It is a light yellow powder or a colorless to light yellow oily liquid with a smell of garlic and is not easily soluble in water but easily soluble in organic solvents. Allicin is unstable and loses its antibacterial activity when exposed to heat or alkali, but is not affected by dilute acid.Fresh garlic does not contain allicin, only alliin.When garlic is cut or crushed, the endogenous enzyme called alliinase in garlic is activated to catalyze the decomposition of alliinine into allicin.

1). Garlic Extract powder has strong mildew resistance to oxidation, feed nutrition protective agent.
2). Garlic Extract powder has good detoxification function, inhibit mold toxicity, it can eliminate heavy
metal ions.
3). Garlic Extract powder can adjust the body metabolism, effectively inhibit e. coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria
growth and reproduction.
4). Garlic Extract powder has good taste masking function, safe and efficient attractant.
5). Garlic Extract powder has broad-spectrum efficient anti-inflammatory sterilization function, takes the initiative to adjust the immune

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