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FORMOLON PR-440 is a low to medium viscosity of medium molecular weight PVC homopolymer paste resin. PR-440 has excellent transparency,thermal stability, water resistance and weather resistance. Also has highly compatibility with plasticizers, organic solvents and fillers. Plastisols made with PR-440 can be applied for non-foaming and micro-foam leather, glass,dipping, metal coating and other products, especially for color paint (solvent system).

Q1: what is titanium dioxide?
A: titanium dioxide chemical titanium dioxide (TiO2), is a kind of white pigment, with non-toxic, best opacity, best whiteness and brightness, is considered to be the current performance is one of the best in the world of white paint, widely used in plastics, paint, paint, printing ink, chemical fiber, paper, rubber, cosmetic, enamel, and food industries.

Q2: what are the types of titanium dioxide?
A: according to the crystal structure of titanium dioxide, it can be divided into anatase titanium dioxide and rutile titanium dioxide. Rutile is represented by the first letter R of its English rutile, called R type; Anatase is represented by the first letter A of its English anatase, which is called type A.

Q3: what are the important indicators of rutile titanium dioxide?
A: brightness, chromaticity, whiteness, dispersion, etc.

Q4: what are the major brands of titanium dioxide offered by the company?
A: BLR886, BLR895, BLR698, BLR699, BLR601, BLR631, BLR996, BLR972, BLR108, BLR982 R950, R606, A101, A120, A1000, R6618, R5566, R628

Q5: how does the dispersion of titanium dioxide affect the coating?
A: titanium pigment dispersion difference will directly affect their decolorization in the coating strength, covering power and optical properties such as surface gloss, but also affects the storage stability of the coating, coating durability, liquidity, flow property, anti-corrosion and application properties such as conductivity, in addition, can also affect the cost of production of paint, because grinding, high energy consumption of the scattered operation of coating manufacturing process for most of the total energy consumption, and the wastage of the instruments and equipment.

Q6: how to easily distinguish the true and false titanium dioxide?
A: water jet. Some titanium dioxide on my hand. Fake ones are easy to wash off, but not really.

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