HONDETECH супер большой нагрузки насекомых Репеллент пестицидов Дрон

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Описание и отзывы


Product Description

The following parameters take 25L size as an example
Product name
Pesticide drone
Specification model
Specification capacity
Dimensions (expanded length*width*height)
1900*1900*750 (mm)
Folded size
1000*1000*750 (mm)
Product weight (no load)
Product weight (full load)
Medicine box capacity
Industrial Material
3K carbon fiber
Arm size
37*40 (mm)
Spray system
Pressure nozzle (centrifugal nozzle can be selected)
Number of nozzles
4 (Double nozzles on both sides)
Spray width
Operating speed
Water pump system: open flow
Water pump system: working pressure
Power system (single KV value)
Blade (diameter/wheelbase)

Details Images

                              Pesticide Spraying Drone
It adopts modular design, special flight control for new generation agricultural machinery, fixed height radar, automatic return without liquid medicine, and folding arm.

Feature 1
Function selection: Fully autonomous flight operation and manual control operation.

Feature 2
1080P wide-angle camera and HD night flight
Observe the flight environment in front of the aircraft in real time

Imitation ground radar and obstacle avoidance radar
Suitable for flying in various terrains

Feature 3
With "A, B" point planning function
This function greatly improves work efficiency

Feature 4
Intimate breakpoint memory: After the plane is filled with potion, it can fly back to the origin to continue the mission

Prevent respray or missed spray

Feature 5
The spray speed and flight speed can be set independently according to the actual situation which has a wide range of applicability

Feature 6
Electronic fence function to ensure that the aircraft is flying in the set safe environment

Automatically return when the battery is low

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Company Introduction

Honde Technology CO.,LTD founded in the year of 2011, adheres to the business philosophy of technology making our life better. Our company is an IOT company dedicated to the R&D, production, sales of smart water equipment, smart agriculture equipment and smart environmental equipment and the related solutions provider.The products sell well in more than 70 countries, serve thousands of customers around the world, and have received unanimous praise.
We are looking forward to working with you to make our life better due to the blessing of science and technology.


Q: How can I get a quote?
Answer: You can send an inquiry or the following contact information on Alibaba, and you will get a reply immediately.

Q: What material is the drone?
A: It uses advanced aviation aluminum and carbon fiber materials.

Q: How much liquid medicine can be filled each time?
A: There are 3 specifications for this drone. They are 10L, 16L, and 25L. When purchasing, it mainly depends on the size of the work you need. The larger the load, the higher the work efficiency.

Q: What is its spray pattern?
A: 6-8miters.

Q: Can it be used in mountains?
A: Yes, the drone is equipped with a ground-like radar, which can automatically adjust the height according to the undulations of the terrain to ensure that the crop consumption is even.

Q: What is the product power?
A: It uses a lithium battery for plant protection.

Q: Is the product easy to operate?
A: Our drones are equipped with fully autonomous flight operations and manual control operations. Remote control and GPS flight control take off with one button, and it will automatically return to land when the medicine is cut off or the battery is insufficient.

Q: What are the functions of drones?
A: This drone is equipped with ground-like radar, obstacle avoidance function, high-definition night flight 1080P wide-angle camera, AB autonomous route planning and electronic fence functions.

Q: Where can this product be applied?
A: This product is widely used in mountainous areas, agriculture, farms, farmland, orchards, plants, gardens, sowing, crops, fish pond breeding.

Q: What is the controllable distance of the drone?
A: Its remote control range is 5-10 kilometers.

Q: How long does the drone operate each time?
A: The product will spray a box of medicine with one charge. No load is about 25 minutes, and the load is about 10 minutes. A plane is equipped with several batteries for recycling.

Q: How can I get samples or place an order?
A: Yes, we have stock materials and can help you get samples as soon as possible. If you want to place an order, just click on the banner below and send us an inquiry.

Q: When is the delivery time?
A: Usually, the goods will be shipped within 1-3 working days after receiving your payment. But it depends on your quantity.

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