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Aloe Vera gel contains a combination of powerful organic compounds, which are found inside the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant. The gel is a colorless, odorless, hydrocolloid with several natural beneficial substances, including mucopolysaccharides such as Acemannan and aloe sterols (cycloartenol and lophenol).



1. Using ion balance technology characteristic, the fundamental solution to the cream and gel with aloe products caused by demulsification and viscosity etc.


2.Effectively reduce the content of aloe emodin in the product, and reduce the skin allergy caused by emodin


3.Increase the Colour and lustre of the crteam, make the product to be elastic.


Skin care and hair care products:

1, sunscreen products

2, hand care, skin care solution/gel

3, skin care products

4, shampoo/conditioner

5, perm solution

6, shaving/depilating agent

7, dandruff removal shampoo

8, styling hair gel

OTC products:

1. Traditional painkillers

2. Hydrocortisone ointment

3. Emergency spray/paste/gel

4.Drinks, health products: 1, health drinks 2, health drinks 3, health products


 Benefits of Organic Aloe vera leaves


Relaxing the bowels, expelling of toxin

Promoting wound healing

Preventing cancer and anti-aging

Whitening, keeping skin moistened and dispel sopt

Anti-bactericidal and anti-inflammatory

Eliminating waste material from the body and promoting the blood circulation

With the function of whitening and moisturizing skin, especially in treating acne

Eliminating the pain and treating hangover, sickness, seasickness



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