Заводская поставка, фруктовый порошок soursop/чайный порошок soursop/фруктовый экстракт анноны мурикаты

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Product information

Product Name: 
    soursop fruit powder

    Annona muricata Linn. Is an evergreen tree with a height of 8 meters; The bark is rough. The leaves are papery, obovate, oblong to oval, the leaf surface is emerald green and shiny, the leaf back is light green, and there are no hairs on both sides. Flower buds ovoid; Flowers pale yellow; Sepals ovate elliptic, persistent; Outer petals thick, broadly triangular; Stamen filaments fleshy, connective inflated; Carpel white silky pilose. The fruit is oval, dark green, slightly sour and juicy pulp, white; Seeds many, kidney shaped, brownish yellow. The flowering period is from April to July, and the fruiting period is from July to march of the next year.


product name
soursop fruit powder
Latin name:
Yellow-brown Fine Powder
Particle size
100% pass 80 mesh
1kg/foil bag, 25kgs/drum
Cool and dry place
Shelf Life
24 months
Customize form 
pills, tablets, capsules

Products Functions

1. Soursop extract can be used in Regulating fat metabolism,inhibiting lipogenesis and promoting fat burning
2. Soursop extract can be used in Decreasing cholesterol and fatty acids
3. Soursop extract can be used in Inhibiting appetite and losing weight


1, Food grade
2, Health grade

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