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Our company's oil camellia seeds from baise mountain oil camellia forest, tea seeds bright and full, tea oil unsaturated fatty acid content is up to 90%, much higher than rape oil, peanut oil and soybean oil, similar to olive oil, and contains specific physiological active substances such as camellia, with high nutritional value.

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1. Who are we? We are an agricultural products processing enterprise from Guangxi, China. Our services are domestic and overseas,and we can meet your needs for agricultural products. 
2. What do we have? What services can we provide?
We have a large number of high quality camellia seeds, seeds with high oil content, rich oil and pure natural star anise
3. How can I contact us?
You can choose the products you are interested in and send an inquiry to us, or you can call or email us at 418510956@qq.com.
4.How to ensure transaction security?
Our transaction is completed through Alibaba with trade guarantee, which can guarantee the quality, quantity, delivery and
after-sales service of products. 
5. Why should you buy from us instead of another supplier?
Our agricultural products grow in the original ecological mountainous areas without pollution, and the whole growth process does not apply chemical fertilizers, pesticides, no artificial management, completely wild growth, we also have our own quality management system, each process is strictly controlled.

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