Контейнер под вакуумом с универсальной силиконовой крышкой подставкой и контейнером втулка совместимая приготовлением резервуаром для воды

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  • Sous Vide Container Bundle - A must have bundle of 12 quart sous vide container and a universal silicone lid and stainless steel rack and a container neoprene sleeve . Lid is with cutout at corner and compatible .

  • Container is made of polycarbonate, NSF approved for your sous vide cooking safety. Silicone lid is collasible making it easy to refill or remove water or ingredients for cooking. Only the container in which water is filled and heated is NSF approved. None of the lid or the stainless steel rack or the neoprene sleeve is NSF approved. The stainless steel rack and the lid are both food safe.

  • Sous vide cooker is mounted at the side near the corner to optimize the water flow within the water tank. Corner mount lid is the most bought.

  • Sous Vide Rack - Stainless steel rack keeps your food filled bags in the water bath for complete heating. Wobble-Free rack's dividers are mounted to the base with a special firm clamp to stop dividers from wobbling. Includes 7 dividers - 5 are removable and 2 are built-in as holder.

  • Sous Vide Container Sleeve - Neoprene material made sleeve decreases the heat exchange and heat loss by insulation.






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