Radifeel высокое качество ручной ночное видение fusion изображений Инфракрасный Тепловизор телескоп Бинокль

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Radifeel high quality handheld night vision fusion-imaging infrared thermal imaging telescope binoculars

Product Description

HB6F fusion-imaging thermal binoculars are supported by the technology of thermal imaging & low-light level imaging, with the features of superimposing low-light imaging details on the thermal images to offer the operator a best observation experience. HB6F binoculars enable to perform all-weather observation, which can be widely used in the fields of police service, public security, fire rescue, border & coastal defense and field hunting, etc.

This binoculars has 3 Observation Modes:
1.Thermal Imaging -- day & night, remote observation range
2.Low-light Level Imaging -- night vision observation in dim light
3. Fusion Imaging -- superimposing low-light imaging details on the thermal images to offer the operator a best observation experience, and minimize the eyes fatigue.

Unique Advantages

1.Why use Radifeel HB6F fusion imaging thermal binoculars for detecting wildlife? What is the difference between ordinary night vision telescopes?
Tools for detecting wildlife have evolved a lot in the last century. Binoculars are now quite commonly used throughout the world, followed by light amplifying nighttime vision systems that can be used to spot animals at night. But even night vision sometimes isn't enough for spotting animals in difficult to see conditions, which is why Radifeel invented Fusion-imaging Thermal Binoculars.

Fusion-imaging thermal binoculars see through darkness and ignore visual camouflage. Unlike all other nighttime vision systems, they require no light whatsoever to produce a clear image. Many warm-blooded animals are mostly active at night, using the cover of darkness to remain undetected, but will show up clearly in a thermal image, even in total darkness and in practically all weather conditions.

2. Latest Unique Technology
Supported by exclusive algorithm, to perform fusion imaging of thermal image and low-light level image, offering the observer delicate imaging and best observation experience in any complex situation.
Thermal imaging sensor - uncooled LWIR microbolometer detects the infrared radiation of any object with temperature above absolute zero (-273.15℃, or 0K), the technical features lead the HB6F binoculars being capable to make observation in all weather condition (day & night) ; low-light level CCD sensor processes imaging in the dim light (dawn or moon light). By the exclusive algorithm, thermal image and low-light level CCD image are superimposed in same image - fusion image, which can depict the details of CCD image on thermal image, to process a best observation imaging, even can provide efficient vision in camouflage or absolute darkness.

3.Useful during the day
Besides the observation capability in nighttime, HB6F binoculars also have prominent advantages in daytime vision. During the field hunting, some preys blend to the surroundings, which is instinctive camouflage, as this, it is hard for the hunters to recognize the preys, with the features of thermal imaging - depicting the temperature difference of the object, by HB6F binoculars, which will be much easier to identify the preys in this camouflage.(Such as young deer - fawn hunting in hay fields, HB6F is an efficient observation instrument.)

During the field hunting, wounded or died preys seeking will be also hard in the complex field, even in the daytime, HB6F binoculars can also offer the observation solution to seek it out by depicting the temperature difference (thermal imaging)

4.Designed for Rough Outdoors Environments
Built with encapsulation of IP67 to protect key components in all weather conditions. Waterproof, compact, lightweight, and shock resistant, this rugged piece of equipment is perfectly capable of coping with rough outdoor environments. The operation temperature can reach to -40℃~+50℃.


Detector pitch
Spectral Range
Frame Frequency
Focal Length
 Low-level-light(CCD)and lens
Detector pitch
Frame Frequency
Focal Length
 Image display
0.39″OLED, 1024×768
Digital zoom
Image adjustment
Auto&Manual shutter correction;brightness;contrast;polarity;image magnification
Detection and identification range
Detection range
Man 1.7m×0.5m:1200m
Identification Range
Man 1.7m×0.5m: 400m
Storage of file
Storage of image
Storage of video
Storage card
32G TF
Video out
Digital interface
Camera Control
Tripod mounting
Standard,UNC ¼"-20
Range of visual adjustment
Angle shows
Electronic compass
Positioning system
Wireless transmission
Power supply
Two 18650 chargeable lithium batteries
Starting up
Long press about 5s
Starting time
About 10s
Continuous operation time
Environmental data
Operating Temperature
Physical data
≤1.30kg(including two 18650 lithium batteries )

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Packing & Delivery

Company Profile

Beijing Radifeel Technology Co., Ltd, is the integrated supplier of thermal imaging products with the capability of design, R&D and manufacture.

200 more staff work in six office buildings (cover an area of 9,000 sqm), 50% of the staff are the experts in the concerning fields, a team of experienced senior engineers, independent intellectual technology and professional product lines, support the production capacity of thermal imaging products and IR lenses assembling & debugging, our products are widely used in the field of petrochemical, power supply industry, perimeter security, and emergency rescue.

With the ISO 9001 QC management system, professional QC control laboratory and personnel team, Radifeel enables each component from the lines are in qualified and best condition.

Our criterion is to guarantee the quality of the products, meeting the requirements of the clients, and offering the cost-efficient solution of thermal imaging products.

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