Высококачественный сено альфафа/альфаффа сено корова

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Good quality hay alfalfa Animal Feed

Product Description

Alfalfa Hay Bales

For buyers of animal feed products, we are able to provide quality Alfalfa Hay Bales. We can supply both double compressed and single compressed bales. Either 25-30kg, 50-60kg, or 450kg per bale.

All alfalfa hay is sold with phytosanitary/health inspection certification and has all the necessary documents to import to any country.

Typical Specifications of Alfalfa Hay are as follows. Please note that the specifications are just a guide.



Use: Cattle, Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Horse, Pig 

Moisture 13% max

Crude Protein: 18% MIN
Aflatoxin: 10ppb MAX
ADF: 35 % MAX

NDF : 40% MAX

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Company Information



is an affiliated company of

T&H international Inc.

and a leading supplier of packaging for agricultural products.


We were specialized in

Alfalfa hay, Timothy hay, Oaten hay, feeds......

Baler Twine, Baler Net Wrap, Silage Film, Silage Bags, Stretch Film, Bunker Cover, Livestock mat, Anti-bird net......


T&H is committed to excellence in quality and service!

Why T&H

Advantages - factory direct sale guarantees stable supply, full process monitoring, excellent product, safe and stable, detailed breakdown.

1)  Ideal farmland and environment

Our alfalfa hay mostly grows over the Columbia Basin in eastern Washington. There are only 3-4 cuttings per crop year. Rich soil, perfect temperature, and high elevation are very suitable for the growth of alfalfa hay.

2)  An excellent source of protein

Alfalfa hay is an important component of most animal diet, for it’s of a high volume of protein, helping animals gain faster, produce more milk, and maintain themselves in better condition.

3)  High in calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

Alfalfa hay has more than twice the calcium of other grass and is easily absorbed into the body, supporting growth and development of healthy bones and hooves. It also provides a variety of minerals and vitamins that animals need.

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Bale weightBale size/inchBale size/cmWeight in 40HC
25-30kg12''H x 20''W x 17"D30cm x 51cm x 43cm22-25 tons
55-60kg24''H x 20''W x 17''D61cm x 51cm x 43cm22-25 tons
430-450kg34"H x 47"W x 40"D87cm x120cm x 102cm22-25 tons
40-45kg24''H x 20''W x 17''D61cm x 51cm x 43cm18-19 tons
50-55kg14''H x 44''W x 22''D35cm x 111cm x 55cm15-16 tons

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