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raw bauxite ore price 

1.Product Description 


Bauxite sand (powder) is a kind of fine powder, which is made of Calcined Bauxite ore and processed by Raymond mill. Its particle size is usually 100-325 mesh. It is a new type of high-grade refractory material of silicon aluminum series. It is suitable for surface coating and sanding material of investment casting, and also can be used as refractory aggregate of other casting coatings. Bauxite sand is widely used in refractories industry because of its small expansion coefficient, high refractoriness and good chemical stability. It belongs to common refractories of EPC cast steel and cast iron coating. Bauxite powder used in casting industry mainly produces various casting coatings, such as EPC coating, refractory aggregate of various sand casting coating and powder for investment casting surface layer, which requires low impurity content and high alumina content.



2.The Specifications of bauxite 



     Chemical Component %


 Bulk Demsity













  Level 1






  Level 2A






  Level 2B






  Level 3







3.The Application of bauxite 

(1) Aluminum industry. It is used in national defense, aviation, automobile, electrical appliances, chemical industry, daily necessities, etc.

(2) Precision casting. The bauxite clinker is processed into fine powder and made into a mold for precision casting. For military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment departments.

(3) For refractory products. The high alumina clinker has a fire resistance of 1780 ℃, strong chemical stability and good physical properties.

(4) Aluminum silicate refractory fiber. It has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small heat capacity and mechanical vibration resistance. It is used in many industries such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, aerospace, atomic energy, national defense, etc. It is to put the high alumina clinker into the high temperature electric arc furnace with melting temperature of about 2000-2200 ℃, and after high temperature melting, high-pressure high-speed air or steam blowing and cooling, it becomes the white "cotton" - aluminum silicate refractory fiber. It can be pressed into fiber blanket, board or woven into cloth to replace the refractory brick lining of industrial high-temperature kilns such as smelting, chemical industry and glass. Fire fighters can use fire-resistant fiber cloth to make clothes.

(5) Using magnesia and bauxite clinker as raw materials and adding proper binder, the effect of the whole lining of the ladle is very good.

(6) It can be used in the manufacture of alumina cement, grinding materials, ceramic industry and chemical industry




4.Packing and shipping 



1. Net weight 25kg per units (plastic woven bag); 1 metric ton in P.P bag(waterproofing) with sling.


2. Net weight 25kg per units (plastic woven bag); 1 metric ton on pallet with plastic film. 


3. as customer's request.





5.About our factory 

About jiaqi factory 

Lingshou jiaqi Mineral factory is mainly Production and sales of non-metallic mineral products.

Our factory was found in 1999, have more than 10 sets mineral pwoder processing plants , which can process more than 60 kinds of minerals powders, total can process 50000T mineral products each year.our mian products are bauxite ,refractory material,volcanic rock,sepiolite,vermiculite ,perlite and so on .



Our more than 30 years experience Geological engineer team which know the whole China mineral area very well,to make sure can find the best mineral selution to meet different client different purpose.

welcome cleints visit our factory and check the final products quality.



for more about the bauxite please contact with us freely: 


 We will feeback you with 12 hours after get your inquiry, welcome to contact with us for more about the bauxite!



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