PE немецкий BASF пластик класса 10% стекловолокно усиленный высокожесткий пластик E2010

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         High temperature resistancePPSU                             PPSU products

1. Before leaving the company, we should check whether the packaging of the materials

   we sell is broken, add a packaging bag on the packaging, and use a large amount

    of pallets to pack them


2. We have engineering plastics, thermoelastic plastics, ordinary plastics, plastic

     plate materials and plastic bars.


3. We can customize the materials with special requirements


4. New and old users can provide materials for free mold trial,


5. After receiving the advance payment, the delivery time is about 7-14 working days


Product use Peek is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing,    electronic and electrical appliances,medical treatment and

        food processing

Commodity parameters


Product name  PPSU particles, PPSUbars, PPSU plates, PPSU pipes

Product color  White / BEIGE / Black

You can customize the color

            Bar: 5-150 610 * 1220

            Plate: 5-100 1000

It can be cut according to customer requirements

            Granules: 25kg / bag

We are specialized in selling all kinds of PEEK bar and plate particles. We can customize different specifications and colors according to customer requirements

We are specialized in making ppsu pipe, plate, can be customized with different specifications, different colors

PPSU 3D printing supplies can be customized with different specifications, different colors PPSU PES


Please contact us before placing an orderPlease contact us before placing an order



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