Металлическая проволочная сетка из нержавеющей стали 250AX 500BX 700CY, гофрированная пластина, башня, структурная упаковка

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Anping Hualai Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

Product Description

Metal Wire Gauze Structured Packing
Structured packing is a kind of packing arranged and stacked in accordance with uniform geometry in the tower.

The geometry of the whole tower section is regular, symmetrical and uniform, and the gas-liquid flow path is specified, which reduces the phenomenon of channel flow and wall flow, and the pressure drop can be very small. Under the same energy cost and pressure drop, it can provide more specific surface area than random packing, and achieve higher mass transfer and heat transfer efficiency in the same volume.

At the same time, due to the uniformity, regularity and symmetry of its structure, when it has the same specific surface area as random packing, its void ratio and flux is larger, and its comprehensive processing capacity is much larger than tray tower and random packing tower.

Product Parameters

Surface Area   /  m2/m3
Void Fraction   /  %
Liquid holdup   /   %
Theorectical Plate Number   /  m-1
2.5 - 3
HETP   /   mm
F-factor   /  m/s.(kg/m3)0.5
2.5 - 3.5
X: 30°
Y: 45°

500 (BX)
Surface Area / m2/m3
Void Fraction / %
Liquid holdup / %
Theorectical Plate Number / m-1
4 - 5
HETP / mm
F-factor / m/s.(kg/m3)0.5
2.0 - 2.4

700 (CY)
Surface Area / m2/m3
Void Fraction / %
Liquid holdup / %
Theorectical Plate Number / m-1
8 - 10
HETP / mm
F-factor / m/s.(kg/m3)0.5
Isotopic mixture, isomeric mixture separation

Product Benefits

Benefits of wire mesh packing:

1. The high efficiency achieved through this packing allow us smaller diameter columns and reduces expenses on structure, foundation, installation, insulation and piping.

2.Due to its capillary movement of the liquids on the wire filaments it operates at a very high efficiency even with decreasing loading hence allowing the operation to run at multiple capabilities

3. Can easily replace existing columns with their old form of packing. It not only increases efficiency but also reduces costs by increasing product quality, production capacity and reducing pressure drop.

Workshop & Product Packaging

Product Applications

Chemical industry
Perfume industry
Oil refining, fertilizer
Petrochemical industry and other fields.


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes,we have been in providing the professional products in wire mesh field more than 12 years .
2.Q What is the delivery time?
A: Usually 5-15 days after received advanced payment.
3.Q: How can I get some samples?   
A: We are honored to offer you samples, most items are free.
4.Q: What information should I provide, if I want a lowest quotation?
A:The specification such as material, height, width,diameter, volume.
5.Q: Can I customize the products?
A:Yes, Please provide specifications, drawings ect.
6.Q: How can I contact you now?    
A: Tel: 008615383793340

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