Organic Grade Instant Soy Milk Powder Purer Soybean Powder with Organic Certified

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Soy milk powder is soy milk from which all water has been removed, similar to cow's milk powder. Soy milk powder has a white to beige color and mixes readily with warm or cold water. It can be made of plain soy milk or can contain additional ingredients, such as sugar, flavors and calcium. Soy milk powder is easier to store and does not spoil.

It is made from high quality non gmo soybean by spray drying process to produce nature soy milk powder. not added any preservative, pigment and flavors. low sodium; lactose and cholesterol free. this is suitable for vegetarians and lactose intolerance patients. it is the best choice of instant drink and suit as additive in complex drink.


1.Soya milk Powder enhances immune function and bind to cholesterol to limit its absorption in the intestine.
2.Phytosterols and other components of soy have been reported to lower cholesterol levels.


Soymilk powder refers to a powdered instant drink made from soybeans through the steps of drying, dehulling and degerming (low purine), fine grinding, slagging, deodorization, and enzyme inactivation.

The raw material of our soy milk powder is non-GMO soybeans, which is healthy and nutritious.
Due to the continuous improvement of production technology and process, it has now surpassed freshly ground soy milk in terms of nutrients, taste, and ease of eating.

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