Новое урожайное зерно крупными партиями, высококачественное Ячменное Зерно от казахского производителя, Лучшая цена, поставщик зерен ячмени

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Product Description

Barley is used by the food industry for the production of pearl barley and barley cereals, as well as for brewing beer. After cleaning the barley, grinding and polishing it, whole-grain pearl barley is obtained. This name was given to it because of the similarity of smooth, processed barley grains with pearls ("pearls" - translated from Old Russian and Ukrainian as "pearls"). Another type of barley groats is barley. It is obtained after the release of barley grains from films and flakes and its subsequent crushing. Grinding is not used in the production of barley groats, which is why a large amount of fiber remains in it than in pearl barley


Barley grain

Packing & Delivery

TNT express 
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Company Profile

Why choose us?
Quality is our key criterion
Quality has always been and remains the main focus of our company since its foundation. Daily monitoring of the entire production line and the output of finished products, the introduction of new technologies into production allow us to achieve only the highest indicators!

Environmental friendly product
Numerous certificates, laboratory tests and regular quality control. We work in accordance with the world criteria of research institutes.

Scale of production
We are ready for deliveries to small and large stores, as well as multi-ton shipments from a warehouse in the city of Kostanay. All products are securely packed, have different packaging and shipping options.

Each type of our products has its own marketing support. All products belong to the category of consumer goods, are perfectly packaged and will stand out on every showcase!


1. Can I get samples?
A trial batch of 5 tons is possible, the goods are free for the buyer, delivery is at the buyer's expense.

2. Can I have my own customized product?
We can, all at the request of the buyer.

3. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost?
1-3 hours

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