Ma bian cao Новый Сушеный чистый лист лимон листья вербены травяной чай Вербена

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Ma bian cao new dried pure leaf lemon verbena leaves herb Vervain Tea


Product Description

Chinese Name

Ma bian cao

English Name

Verbenae herb




- whole ,slice,powder


tea soap,spice,etc.


An hui,Hai nan,Jiang su,Etc


In clean,cool,dry area; Keep away from strong,direct light.


1. Anti inflammatory and analgesic: water and alcohol extracts have anti-inflammatory effects on the inflammation caused by mustard oil dripping into rabbit conjunctival sac, and the anti-inflammatory effect of the latter is better than the former. The water-soluble part of the latter is better than the water-insoluble part. The water extract had analgesic effect on the pain caused by electrical stimulation of rabbit dental pulp, which began at 1H and disappeared at 3h after administration; The analgesic effect of alcohol extract disappeared completely after 6 hours, the water-soluble part had a greater effect, while the water-insoluble part had no analgesic effect.

2. Antitussive: Verbena decoction has a certain antitussive effect, and its effective antitussive component is β- Sitosterol and verbenoside.

3. Effect on uterus: Verbena at a concentration of 1.6 × At 10-2g / ml, it has a certain excitatory effect on rat uterine muscle strips and non pregnant human uterine muscle strips. In the uterine muscle strips of rats, the specimens in estrous stage are most sensitive to verbena. The addition of Verbena often causes the increase of tension and contraction amplitude at the same time; The specimens of other stages often only increased the contraction amplitude. The response of human uterine muscle strips to Verbena is weak, generally only the tension changes. In the experiment of rat uterine muscle strips, verbena and PGE2 had mutual enhancement, but only additive effect with PGF2a. Verbena has no obvious effect on jejunal smooth muscle when the concentration is enough to excite uterine smooth muscle, and it can not enhance the effect of PGE2 on jejunal smooth muscle.


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