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Product Description

WAMFLO Dust Collectors are equipped with a cylindrical stainless-steel casing and flanged bottom ring, which contains vertically
mounted bag-type, cartridge-type or high-efficiency POLYPLEAT filter elements.
A compressed air pulse-jet filter element cleaning system is integrated into the hinged top cover or connecting top flange.
WAMFLO Dust Collectors are available with or without suction fan. As an option for applications with top-mounted suction fan or in
case of limited headroom, WAMFLO can be equipped with a large front door which facilitates access to the filter elements form the
dirty air side in case of inspection or maintenance.
WAMFLO is supplied with an integrated modular electronic control panel that manages cleaning cycles according to the specific
requirements of the work process.
The collector can be installed on top of a silo or on any other equipment that requires dedusting (belt conveyor, bucket elevator,
chain conveyor, etc.), or as a “stand-alone” unit fixed on a standard DK-type WAM dust collecting hopper.


WAMFLO separates dust particles carried in suspension by an air flow using filter elements. The dusty air current passes through
the filter media, which holds back the dust particles allowing the air to flow through.
WAMFLO Dust Collectors can be configured for venting, suction and vacuum applications.

* Filter surface: 1 ~ 48 m² (11 ~ 517 sq ft)
* Air volume: 60 ~ 6,000 m³/h (35 ~ 3,530 cfm)
* Filter elements: round bags, elliptical bags, cartridges, POLYPLEAT
* Compressed air pulse-jet cleaning system (4 ~ 6 bar)
* Dust temperature: -20 ~ 80 °C (-4 ~ 176 °F)
* Cylindrical stainless-steel casing with bottom flange
* Quick and safe filter element replacement from clean or dirty air side
* Multifunctional multi-voltage electronic control panel
* Tool-free filter element replacement
* Designed for outdoor installation

* Low emission level due to WAM filter elements and media (BIA/IFA-certified)
* Easily configurable for a wide range of dusts
* Reliable, versatile and durable for a variety of applications
* High cleaning efficiency due to "Full Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated into aluminium air tank
* Low air consumption with FILCONTROL CONNECT
* Easy and quick installation and maintenance
* Multiple voltages meeting different electric specifications
* Worldwide after-sales service and spare parts provided by WAM subsidiaries

* Fan or connecting flange for centralised dust suction
* Insertable and/or vacuum versions available
* Increased casing thickness
* 304 / 316 stainless-steel casing and seal frame
* Inspection hatch or maintenance door
* Flanged or clamped connection
* Advanced electronic control panel with a variety of controls and differential pressure meter (MDPE)
* Winter protection for solenoid valves

* Dust collecting HOPPER with flow aid, butterfly valve and bucket
* Flanged or clamped BOTTOM RING
* Dust emission SAMPLING KIT
* ELBOW for lateral connection

Packing & Delivery

shipped by sea
pallet with shrink film


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