Прямая поставка с завода, полностью автоматический пылесос Ecovacs X1 OMNI 5000 ПА для уборки, подметания и мытья

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Product Description


D Parameter Table


Machine modelBattery power(mAH)Suction power(Pa)Water tank capacity(ML)Water tank control mode
T5 FUN(DX33)3200600/1200240Blue Whale Micro Control
T5 NEO(DX55)3200600/1200240Blue Whale Micro Control
T5 MAX(DX65)5200500/1200/1500240Blue Whale Micro Control
T5 Power(DX93)5200500/1200/1500240Blue Whale Micro Control
T5 Pro(DX35)3200600/1200240Blue Whale Micro Control
N5 GO(DV35)26001200240Blue Whale Micro Control
N5 POWER(DJ65)32001200240Blue Whale Micro Control
U3 FUN(DK45)2600700/1000180Blue Whale Micro Control
U3 NEO(DK43)2600700/1000180Blue Whale Micro Control

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Q1: What is Cobos refurbished machine
A1: After the new machine leaves the factory, it is returned to the original factory again,and the machine is re-tested according to the regular standards and simply cleaned up.The machine that is sold at a second discount is a refurbished machine.

Q2: Why choose a refurbished machine
A2: Cobos refurbished machine has the same service policy as the new machine in terms of quality assurance and after-sales service,and the price is only about 40%-50% of the price of the new machine, but the appearance is slightly flawed.

Q3: How long can it be used with one charge, and how much room area can be cleaned at one time?
A3: Different models of machines have different battery life, and can clean 50-200 square meters of space at a time.

Q4: Are there autonomous and intelligent planning of cleaning routes, and is there anti-collision protection?
A4: Yes, all the above functions are available.

Q5: How is the cleaning effect?
A5: Super obstacle crossing ability and super suction effect, very suitable for pet hair, carpets, low-pile carpets, hard floors and other ground conditions.

Q6: Why do you support small orders?
A6: Small batch orders can make our customers have no inventory risk.Customers can buy the products they need at any time without worrying about the goods not being sold.

Q7: About the delivery time?
A7: It depends on the quantity of your order.We have a variety of shipping channels, such as air freight, express shipping, etc., which is very convenient.

Q8: How about after-sales service?
A8: Our warranty period is 1 year. After you order from us, we will try our best to help you, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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