Упаковочная машина для напитков, винных бутылок, пивных банок, полностью автоматическая упаковочная линия

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Product Description

Pick up type carton packing machine
PM-GT series pick-place carton packing machine is used for grasping and placing bottles by air inflation and deflation. Through the mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control, the bottles are accurately and steadily loaded into the carton from the conveyor belt.

According to customer requirements for product packaging, the product feed for accurate whole column grouping, while underlying pre-sync to the product carton boxes preset position, and then by the lifting mechanism rear jacking good product grouping randomly fall into cartons, lifting mechanism automatically drops to a horizontal position and the outlet conveyor, cartons output by the transport section; each part of the linkage is adjusted by the electric air control to simultaneously ensure that each group of products can be accurate and effective automatic packing and output. Application: Fields of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and other. Common to all types of PET bottles, cans, Pak packaging.


Pick up type Wrap around carton packing machine
Wrap around carton packing machine
Applicable Container
Plastic bottle, Glass bottle, Tins and Cans
Product Size
Container Diameter
L 250-450 x W 150-400 x H 100-400mm

5-20 Cartons/per min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)
Carton Size

500 < L+W+H< 1000
Power Supply
3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure
Height of Work Table
Feed-in worktable 850mm; out 650mm
Packing Material
Automatic carton forming machine
L 2100 x W 2400x H 2400 mm
Carton erector machine
L2000 x W 1900x H 1450 mm
Carton tapper
L2147x W 1058 x H 1524 mm

Frequency Converter
Touch Screen
Low-voltage Apparatus
Drive Motor
Pneumatic Components
Photoelectric Sensor


Glass bottles
Suitable : Beer, wine, brandy, vodeka
Bottle Type : Round / Square / Unique
Carton : Carton Forming Packing Sealing Machine.
Plastic bottles
Suitable: Water, juice, soft drink etc Bottle Type : Round / Square / Unique
Carton: Carton Forming Packing Sealing Machine.
Tins & cans
Suitable : Daily chemical products
Bottle Type : Round / Square / Unique
Carton: Carton Forming Packing Sealing Machine.

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Main Features of Carton Packing Machine

1. Reliable operation
This machine using special pneumatic components to achieve the pick and place of products. Through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control, it can accurately and reliably load products from the bottle table into the carton.

2.Smooth operation
The entire packing process is driven by the variable frequency motor to drive different mechanical mechanisms independently to rise, translate, and lower the product, and it is combined with pneumatic, electrical, and light control to achieve automation. Coordinated movements, smooth and accurate movement. Into the box operation with manual into the box, automatic box, and continuous fast into the box and so on.

3. Grasping operation
It is equipped with manual operation and automatic operation. With the advantages of Operational safety, small site coverage, and Large operating space. With a variety of protection functions, in case of failure in a timely manner. For example, if the bottle is not full on the incoming belt and bottle transportation platform, the bottle will automatically stop to wait; The machine will automatically shut down when the scratched bottle and cartons are misplaced.

PLC control system
It is a computer program, with a simple operation and stable performance. It is with convenient operation, simple design, reducing quantity, and intensity of labor is a piece of indispensable equipment for an automatic production line.

Bottle grasper
According to different bottle shape, bottle grasper is specially designed, airbag style grasper head,no injury to bottles, no bottle falling and low air consumption; Bottler grasping is driven by up-down and side moving servo motors, that means there is designed height difference for bottle grasping area and box filling part for different bottles;

Lifting system
PLC sensor system to make sure correct bottle orientation, to enhance lifting and dropping precision; Step driving motor to adjust lifting and side moving speed, to achieve grasping and dropping at low speed and moving at middle speed, the speed adjustment to make sure the higher efficiency as well stable performance;

Driven by the asynchronous motor, according to different request, use inverter and contactor to control, will apply auto bottle supply, auto bottle arranging, auto carton supply, and auto box out;

Case Erector Machine
1. Advanced technology manufacturing, and advanced parts, electrical components and pneumatic components.
2. With a vertical storage, so that you can add carton at any time, be sure the machine keeps running continuously.
3. It is suitable for one kind carton size at one time, when you need to change a different carton box. It takes about one to two minutes.
4. Reasonable design, synchronous absorb forming, folding bottom and bottom sealing.
5. Its body and part performance precisely and durably, operation process and no vibration, operation stability, long life span, high efficiency.
6. Equipped with blade protection device, avoid operation when he accidentally stabbed
7. It can be used separately, or contact with the production line together.

Case Tapper Machine
1. Automatic upper flap-folding
2. Easy operation
3. New type of tape head
4. Both side compression rollers for tight sealing
5. Top mast with cushion for smooth sealing
6. Tape overlap length 60±5mm
7. Two-side belt driven with universal bearing: Precise, Low noise,Durable parts and belt
8. Caster with brake

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