Сетчатая майнинговая обработка 6x12, низкоярусный гранулированный качественный кокосовый орех Jacobi, активированный уголь для восстановления золота, цена

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Coal base Activated carbon

Activated carbon has been used for water purification since at least 1500 BC, when it was used to cleanse drinking water in India. Today, it is used at both the municipal and home levels to purify drinking water. It is also used to treat effluent water from industrial processing. In both cases, the goal is to remove both noxious and toxic compounds that affect both the safety and aesthetics of the treated water.

Granular Activated Carbon
1.Hot Size:8-30mesh,8-16mesh,12-40mesh,6-12mesh.
2.Raw Material:Ningxia Taixi Coal.
3.Advantages: large ratio, low floating rate and high iodine value.

Drink water treatment
Water treatment Filter
Sewage treatment

Columnar/Pellet activated carbon.
1.Hot Size:0.9mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm,4mm.
2.Raw Material:Ningxia Taixi Coal.
3.Advantages: large ratio, low floating rate and high iodine value.

Air Filter
Factory exhaust gas treatment
Aquarium filtration system

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Coconut shell granular activated carbon, made of high quality coconut shell, is a kind of broken carbon with irregular grain, high strength, and can be regenerated after being saturated. Coconut shell activated carbon is black appearance, granular shape, with developed pores, good adsorption performance, high strength, economic durability and other advantages.

water treatment
Gold Mining

Powder Activated Carbon
Powdered activated carbon is made from high-quality wood chips and coal, and is processed through a series of production processes.
Powder activated carbon has the advantages of fast filtration speed, good adsorption performance, strong decolorization and deodorization ability, economical and durable, etc.
Powdered carbons are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, tap water, sugar, oil and other industries, in brewing, sewage treatment, power plants, electroplating, etc.

Sewage treatment
MSG bleaching
Sugar bleaching

Product packaging



German Activated Carbon Exhibition

American Activated Carbon Exhibition

Guangzhou Canton Fair

Shanghai Water Show


1. What superior advantages could I take?

  • Factory price and technical support;
  • Customized solution for product design and packaging;
  • Fast delivery with large stock;

2. What is your business type?

  • Manufacturer with export license;
  • R&D drived company;
  • Long-term relationship seeking and customer oriented;

3.How is the quality control in your factory?

We are factory for more than 15 years.Quality is always our priority, that is why we are still the leading company in this industry.


4. What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all types of payment, to reduce costs for our partner, we will make a decision together for the lowest cost and most convenience.

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