Великолепные туры в Алтае, новый год, осень, весна, лето, активный отдых, горы, природа, олень, мини-тур

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Tours in the magnificent Altai, New Year, autumn, spring, summer, active rest, mountains, nature, deer.
Katun river - Kamyshlinsky waterfall - Chemal village - Chech-Kysh tract - Chuysky tract * - Teletskoye lake *

Altai - Golden Mountains. Altai is a crossroads of worlds and cultures in the very heart of Asia. Altai is beautiful at any time of the year! The proposed excursion tour is a real collection of the best sights of the autumn Altai! In 5 days you will see all the most popular in Altai: s. Chemal, Chemal Hydroelectric Power Station, Patmos Island, Teletskoye Lake *, as well as get acquainted with the products of local craftsmen!

The Katun River is the queen and mistress of Altai. Pearl-emerald, it carries its waters along a stone road from Mount Belukha to the Arctic Ocean, uniting with Biya and forming the mighty Ob. Either densely populated with small houses, now deserted for hundreds of kilometers of the coast with a varied landscape and vegetation make the Katun an ever-changing and unique river of time and timelessness.

Lake Teletskoye, called Altyn-Kol or Golden Lake, will amaze you not only with its beauty and grandeur, but also with its scale for such a small mountainous country. It stretches for 78 km by a narrow blue ribbon, squeezed by the Korbu and Altyn-Tuu ridges. The width of the lake is 5 km. Its area is relatively small - 223 sq. km, however, due to its great depth (up to 325 m), it contains a huge amount (40 billion cubic meters) of excellent fresh water saturated with oxygen. The price includes: transfers according to the program, accommodation, excursions according to the program, meals (half board: breakfasts, dinners), guide services, entrance tickets.


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Russian Federation
Altai Republic
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Gorny Altai Plus LLC

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The Altai Republic is a republic of Russia located in southern Siberia. It is part of the Siberian Federal District, and covers an area of 92,600 square kilometers (35,800 sq mi); with a population of 200 thousand residents. It is the least-populous republic of Russia and federal subject in the Siberian Federal District. Gorno-Altaysk is the capital and the largest town of the republic.

The Altai Republic is a highly agricultural region. However, it does have some industry which includes foodstuffs, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemicals, gold mining, footwear, dairying, and timber. Tourism has also begun to make its mark on the economy, and a large number of new hotels and resorts catering towards "New Russians" have begun to appear.


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