Оптовая продажа сушеных на воздухе сухих овощей сушеных нарезанных моркови с бесплатным образцом

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Product Description

Product Parameters:
I. Physical Color: Bright uniform orange Flavor/Aroma: Characteristic of Carrot, free of other smell Processing Type: Air Dried
II. Chemical Moisture : 8.0% maximum Ash : 6.0% maximum Foreign Material : None
III. Microbiological Aerobic Plate Count : 100,000/g maximum Mould and Yeast : 500/g maximum Coliform : 500/g maximum
E.Coli :Negative Salmonella : None Detected/375g Listeria : None Detected
IV. Packaging , Storage and Shipping Inner double PE bags and outside carton Shelf Life: 12 Months Storage temperature ≤25 ℃,
relative humidity ≤60%

Product Application

Application Of The Dried Vegetables:
Air Dried Vegetables can be used in a wide variety of applications including fast food, instant noodles, baking, seasoning blends, salads, sauces, soups and stews, pasta products, chips and snacks, cheese and dairy products, meats and sausages, ready meals, pet food products and more. Dehydrated Carrots can be used separately or in combination with soups, casseroles, stews, pasta and more.

Product Details

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Company Profile

Why Choose us Dried Vegetable & Fruits :
1. We are a professional dried vegetable & fruits supplier with good experience ;
2. Both of our plant bases and processing factory are strictly comply with the requirements of food safety and health ;
3. We can guarantee your shipment schedule ;
4. We have strong team to support you ;
5. All the products must be inspected by Chinese Commodities Inspection Bureau before exported.

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