1000d/192f высокопрочная полиэфирная пряжа

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The industrial polyester high tenacity yarns produced by GUXIANDAO are used in various industries, including the automotiv, civil engineering, construction and transportation industries. As the clear leader and the largest company in the Chinese industrial industry, we are taking the lead in developing and proposing a variety of products designed to meet the diverse needs of customers.


What is Polyester yarn?

Filament Yarn. Polyester fibre is one of the most used commercial fibres across the world. These are strong synthetic fibres made by blending the alcohol and acid and initiating a chain reaction. ... Such yarns are also called PFY. Such yarns are created when MEG and PTA are spun directly.





Item Description:



Breaking Strength:




Elongation at Break:




Thermal Shrinkage:

7.0±1.5 177, 2min ,0.05cN/dtex

Entanglements Per Meter:


End use:

V-belt, Hoisting cable, Conveyor Belt, Fire Hose, Tie own.

Case Belt, Net, Thead Rop, Cordage, Folding Core, Geotextile, Geogrid.





About us:







Zhejiang Guxiandao Polyester Dope Dyed Yarn Co.,LTD established in 2003, which specializes in the industrial polyester yarn and polyester chip.As the largest industrial polyester yarns manufacturer in the world, our capacity accounts for 1/3 of the whole of china.


GUXIANDAO advocates “making innovation discover more fibers”, with the vision of “creating a century-old enterprise and achieving a better life”, and constantly making breakthroughs in low-energy-saving social responsibility and product application, so that all aspects of life are caused by The ancient fiber road has become better.

Guxiandao holding 3 plants, total capacity is 690,000 tons per year

Our area: 180 acres(400,000 square meters), total employee: over 2200.

Experiences and advantages:

Export to all regions in the globe at~35% of total prodution.

Revenue in 2018-$1.2 Billion.

Most advanced process and equipment supplied by Barmag, TMT, Buhler and etc.






Development History:













Quality Management:

• Integrated management system with certification of

• ISO9001/ISO14001/OSHAS18001


• Continuously drive quality improvement with initiatives in 5S, TQC, etc.







Quality Control Via LIMS:

• SPC application

• Implemented since April 2011

• Test data transferred from lab instruments to database automatically

• Quality control charts generated from database immediately

• Quick response time and easy tracking





New invention and creation:

Highway Guard bar

   A new type highway guard bar with PET industrial yarn bases was invented and developed by GXD , this new guard bar is designed with PET industrial yarn as mechanical material and PVC as thermal set material, the compound is with a scientific recipe and the manufacturing equipment was also designed by professional expert from GXD, the new guard bar now has been applied to some highway as modle showing , we believe it should be extensive used in short future by multiple advantage





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