Пищевая добавка, 99% витамин А, порошок витамина А, порошок палмитата, витамин А, палмитат 2,8 Миу

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Product Description

* Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin in the form of yellow flake crystals or crystalline powder, including A1 and A2. A1 is retinol. Vitamin A2 is 3-dehydroretinol. Since vitamin A acetate (retinol acetate) is more stable than vitamin A alcohol (retinol), the products called "vitamin A" on the market are actually vitamin A acetate, which is light yellow Oily liquid.
* The recommended intake of vitamin A (RNI) for adults in my country is 800ug retinol activity equivalent per day for men and 700ug retinol activity equivalent per day for women. Foods that contain more vitamin A include poultry and livestock liver, egg yolk, and milk powder. Carotene can become vitamin A in the mucosa of the small intestine. Red-yellow and dark green vegetables. Fruits contain more carotene.


1. Prevent night blindness and loss of vision;
2. Regulate the growth of epithelial tissue cells and promote the normalization of cell metabolism;
3. It can effectively prevent obesity and keep women slim;
4. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, lighten spots, smooth skin, reduce rough skin, can be used as cream or gel;
5. Promote bone growth and help bone growth and regeneration;
6. Maintain and promote immune function;
7. Promote growth and maintain reproductive function;
8. Anti-cell proliferation effect;
9. Promote hemoglobin production and increase iron intake in food;

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Food industry
Health industry


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About Us

Shaanxi Ming Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized in natural products Chinese supplier. We are engaged in developing and producing sales plant extract active ingredients for our customers, widely used global nutrition, health care, functional foods and cosmetics etc. And promote a the healthy development of food industry.
The company since was established, we order to “Make Life Better and Healthier” as the enterprise vision and mission, relying on China’s vast range of plant resources, set strict quality control system, good quality control platform, owns a professional team in biology and chemistry fields, and partners are committed to natural plant ingredients, keeping in good health concept and modern nutritional science perfect combination to provide with quality assurance and price competitiveness products.
We aim to be the first-class supplier in China. Sincerely look forward to your cooperation with us and give you timely efficient, specialized, and comprehensive service, achieve the goal of win-win.

Q1: Whether to provide sample service of before place an order?
A1: We can provide free samples for you testing to confirm products quality.
Q2: What is the MOQ?
A2: Usually, our MOQ is 1kg for most of the products.
Q3: Is there the discount available?
A3: Yes, price discount varies from different quantities of your order.
Q4: How about the delivery time?
A4: About 2 to 3 working days after payment confirmed.
Q5: What is your payment methods?
A5: TT, LC, PayPal, Paying online etc.
Q6: How to start orders or make payments?
A6: We will first send you a proforma invoice of product is confirmed, and enclosed our bank information.
Q7: How do you react to product quality issues?
A7: We all the products are tested with strict QC and QA, the products quality problem to near zero.
Q8: How to contact you?
A8: You can contact us by Alibaba, E-mail, Tel, WhatsApp, Skype or WeChat etc.

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