Установка для производства эпоксидной смолы/поликонденсаторный реактор/эпоксидный реактор

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Product Description

Chemical resin reactor  is the main chemical reaction of the typical production equipment, which is widely used in various resins, adhesives, paint, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other chemical production.


Technical Parameters
Model No.
Industrial Reactor
Volume (L)
Working pressure (MPa)
Negative pressure -0.1~9.8
Working temperature (°C)
Stirring speed (r/min)
Motor power (KW)
Heating power (KW)
Heating type
Electric heating, far infrared heating, high frequency heating.
Water recycling, thermal oil or steam through jacket by constant temperature slot.
Seal type
Magnetic seal, mechanical seal, packing seal.

Tips: The key difference between saturated and unsaturated polyester resin is that the saturated polyester resins have no double bonds in their main chain whereas the unsaturated polyester resins have double bonds in their main chain.

Related Instruments and Devices

For easy operation, each reactor equips with many instruments.

Vertical Condenser and Horizontal Condenser

Equip with horizontal condenser for distillation process.
Collect tank for gather cooled vapors in liquid.
Equip with flow meter to control cooling water and temperature of condenser.
Equip with vertical condenser for refluxing process, and collect tank for gather final products.

Typical Reactor Appearance

It's normally a tank style, consists of motor, reducer, magnetic seal (or other seal) kettle lid ports (with valves and sensors). A jacket is covered outside reactor kettle for cooling and heating purpose. Discharging usually happens on bottom through a valve in pneumatic or electric type.

Other Reactor Styles

For different reaction process, the reactor structure have much different, like cone bottom reactor, spherical head reactor, half-coil jacket reactor, etc.

Packing & Delivery

Plastic film wrapping against moisture;
Steel frame or wood frame inside for necessary support;
Strong fixture against container for whole set equipment;
Fumigation free wood box for spare parts, no need extra inspection during custom.

Company Profile

With 10 years experience in chemical industry,
Weihai Chem-Equip Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional supplier in various chemical equipment, we help customer design, develop and fabricate suitable production lines, from initial chemical process design, to workshop building and long term maintaince.
We have own factories in Weihai and Laizhou area, product covers Reactor, Pressure Vessel, Mixer, Kneader, Sand Miller, Filter, Dryer etc, almost cover all chemical industry.
With our Chemical Process Designer, ASME AI (Authorized Inspector), American CWI (Certified Welding Inspector), we dedicate in a Turn-Key solution for customers who wants to build up new factory or expand new production lines, in an efficient and safety way.


Our Service

Pre-Sale Stage
Provide Chemical Process , Project Drawing and Suitable Equipment Model according to customer's request, for accurate design and quote, please kindly advise below:

Production Stage
Whole time report for manufacture status;
Inspection video for quality checking;
Full set Engineering Documents, include User Manual, General Drawing, Electric Circuit Drawing, All Related Test Report, Approval Certificate.

After Sale Stage
Life long service for all equipment;
Free spare parts in warranty period;
Discount price for all spare parts after warranty period;
Technical consulting is always for free.

Training & Installation
Arrange engineer to assist customer in equipment assembly and installation;
Training workers to use machine properly.

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