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Описание и отзывы


1.Have good effects on prevention and control of mice

 2.Ready-to-use bait feature a patented multi-edge design that gives  

 rodents plenty of gnawing per piece


How To Use:

For more safe, putting the Rodenticide Bait inside the bait station then locked, to avoid touching with Children or pets.

In the places where mice often appear, put it along the foot of a wall or shadows.

Outside, put it nearby mouseholes or mousepassages.

10 to 20g per m2, the stack distance is 5m.

The more the quantity of mice is, the more the quantity of stack is.

The death time is 2 to 11 days.

If has water in circumstances, it will improve the effect of deratization.



During production or use, should wear respirators, protective gloves and clothing.

After putting rodenticides, flush with plenty of water and soap immediately.

Be ware of eating by mistake. If do and poisoning, should be sent to the hospital.


The normal delivery by 20 or 40FT container shipping to the sea port in China according to customers special request. but we also has air fly shipping or express delivery service according to customers special request.



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