Жидкая повязка для шин 500 мл аппликатор продукция перманентного сияния пеноматериал

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Premium Wet-Look Shine!

• Blend of premium silicone polymers for a high gloss shine that lasts.
• Sprays on thick then spreads for a uniform finish.

Shine Tire Spray leaves behind a brilliant high gloss shine! With its unique blend of water resistant and premium silicone
polymers it keeps your tires looking blacker longer. Also, with its self-spreading ability it prevents streaks for a nice, uniform finish.
DIRECTIONS: Apply on a cool, clean, dry tire in a well-ventilated area.
• Spray product directly onto tire for a high gloss finish.
• Spray product onto an applicator pad for more control and a low gloss sheen.
• Wipe off any excess product to reduce sling.

Product Description

574.5g 109*63*221mm
10000 pics
24 qty per carton
carton size:46*41*25cm

Design service
Samples policy
Ready samples: 3 days and free
Custom samples: 7 days

Leading time
Regularly:30-35days, and up to qty
Payment terms
T/T. 30% deposit, balances before shipment.
Price terms
EXW,FOB and so on
Business type
Manufacturer,Trading company
TA Payment
Yes(contact us for shipping cost)

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1Q. What are the post-sale services?
1A:In case of any issues about the product quality, the client should contact us in a timely manner so that we can analyze and handle the product as fast as we can. If the client has the need, we will also provide the client with assistances in carrying out the technical background design, technical consulting, and other services.

2Q. If damage is caused in logistics, how to solve the issues of return or exchange of products?
2A:The client can insure against logistic damage; meanwhile, our Company will try our best to help you file the claim.

3Q. Samples demanded by the client .
3A:The samples are made according to the client's demands on the product quality with regard to the product effects in terms of the color, thickness, type of fragrance, skin feeling, types (essence, cream, liquid, or gel), or required rate. If you feel satisfied with the sample after receiving and using it, you can place the order for production. Sampling product and manufacturing product are two different kinds of processing. Some products may seem a little different in colors from the sample, but that is a prevalent situation in the industry.

4Q. How long will it take to process a complete brand?
4A:Generally, our production delivery time is about 7 to 15 business days; however, the actual time needed should depend on the arrival of the whole set of your packing materials at the factory before it is formally produced and filled in containers.

5Q. Can the product processed here receive assistance in product tests?
5A:Yes. We can help to submit the product under your company's brand names and product names for tests on your behave, with the related charges on the tests undertaken by your company.

6Q. How can i solve the problem of the quality?
6A:We will 100% responsibility for our products,and our QA and QC department will help you Until the problem is solved

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