Rohs применимый-150 + 300 сетчатый токопроводящий наполнитель медные порошки для производства резины

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As a functional conductive filler
it is widely used in rubber, inside and outside coating of electron tube, electroplating base conductive treatment, anti-static coating, electromagnetic shielding material, conductive coating, conductive ink, conductive tape, conductive paint and battery and other fields. In rubber, electronics, electromechanical, communication, printing, aerospace, weapons and other industrial sectors of the electric conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, anti-static fields, such as computers, mobile phones, electronic medical equipment, electronic instruments and other electronic, electrical,communication products electromagnetic shielding, anti-static.

Rohs Applicable -150+300 Mesh Conductive Filler Copper Powders For Rubber Manufacturing
Model Name
Particle Range D50
Thickness nm
Apparent Density
Cu Flakes
5-120 μm
<100 nm
<2.0 g/cm³
Special parameter per your requirements. 
Brass Flakes
5-120 μm
<100 nm
<2.0 g/cm³
Silver Flakes
5-120 μm
<100 nm
<2.0 g/cm³

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