Shanghai PengPu 320hp bulldozer PD320Y-1 hot sale price in Algeria

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Цена:150 000,00 $ - 160 000,00 $*
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1. Brand engine means strong power, high torque and excellent reliability.
2. Main clutch is of dry, single-disc, non-constantly engaged type, stable, reliable and easy in maintenance.
3. Gearbox is of stationary shaft type, speed shift is realized by teeth mesh by moving the sliding gear.
4. Steering clutch is dry, multiple-disc, actuated with hydraulic booster.
5. The gear with big module for heavier load.
6. Working equipment is reliable, easy to control and maintain. It is also adaptable to work in various conditions.
7. The machine features reasonable layout and structure, super traction and high productivity.

Product Paramenters

Work equipment
Blade type
Semi-U blade
Angle blade
Dimensions, Length x Width x Height, mm
6880 x 4130 x 3640
6880 x 4850 x 3640
Weight, kg
Blade dimensions, Width x Height, mm
4130 x 1590
4850 x 1140
Max. lift above ground, mm
Max. drop below ground, mm
Pitch adjustment, °
Max. tilt, mm
1 shank
Max. dig below ground, mm
Max. lift above ground, mm

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