3D видео очки Vision HMD шлем бинокль HD дисплей с HDMI входом использование в PS4,PS5, переключатель, UAV видео очки E536

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2.5K Equivalent Screen 3D Video Glasses with HD-MI Input


  • *NOT VR.

  • *These are video glasses which are great to watch regular movie or 3D movie privately. You can connect to 3D Movie Online, Netflix, Apple TV,... etc. and watch wherever you like. BUT NOT IDEAL for TEXT, OFFICE WORKING, or CAD DRAWING

  • *If you want to connect to a mobile phone, Please make sure that your mobile phone does have HDMI output function and choose the correct adapter.

  • *The 3D image is composed by two individual LCDs. This technology simulates human eyes so you are able to enjoy a comfortable experience of 3D environment. Equipped a 1280x720 LCD for each eye. Accept 2D and 3D Side-by-Side Horizontal video. HDCP compatible, support 720p, 1080p video format.

  • *HD input, easy connection to Blu-ray 3D player, DVD player, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, iphone, ipad; also ideal to work as an FPV Glasses(RF receiver not included) only for done's controller with HDMI output. Remarks: It is not recommend if your main use is Gaming, Electronic book reading or Office working.

  • *Support adjustable inter-pupillary distance; compact, lightweight for long term comfort wearing; also support nearsighted between 0 ~ 5.0 D

  • *Signal input:HDMI Type-A

  • *Earphone jack: Stereo 3.5mm dia

  • *Power input: USB connector

  • *Aspect Ratio:16:9

  • *Weight:300g


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