Недорогой завод, оптовая продажа, натуральный келестит, оригинальное украшение из камня, овальная ручка, энергичный кристалл, синий кристалл

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Product Description

Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:
Natural Stone
Model Number:
Art & Collectible

Products Description

Dear customers and friends:
Welcome to our store!
The products in this shop are fashionable and diverse, and they all support mixed wholesale. The products are taken in kind without any technology for decoration and modification, and strive to show the most authentic side of the products to customers.
Note: Due to camera, light, computer resolution, etc., the color of the product may be a little bit different from the real thing. Mind pro, please shoot carefully! !

Best Selling

Packing & Delivery


1. The production factory direct operation model provides you with the most cost-effective products in the market. Recruiting agents and distribution. Support drop shipping.
2. Sufficient inventory, to provide you with timely supply, share your inventory pressure, so that customers have no worries.
3. Constantly research and develop new styles, develop high-quality products, and provide you with market competitiveness. High-quality products create sustainable development and a good sales environment for
4. The factory has a rich variety of jade, including all kinds of jade at home and abroad (Hetian jade, jasper, agate
chalcedony, jade jade, golden silk jade, obsidian, tiger eye stone, Afghan jade, Xiu jade, quartzite jade, Tanglin Jade,
lantian jade, etc.)
5. Accept mass customization and support processing with samples and drawings. Merchants only need to provide product samples or clear pictures of product details and related dimensions, and then they can make customized processing with an accuracy of more than 99%. Large pieces can be customized for more than 30-50 pieces. Small pieces can be customized for 500-1000 pieces or more.
6. The company has strong production strength, has a large amount of inventory for a long time, and high-quality product
quality. It is a good choice for physical stores and online sales!

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