HONGDA Eleutheroside Siberian Ginseng Root Extract

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Product name: ISO/HACCP/KOSHER/GMPs/FDA red ginseng powder/panax ginseng extract ginsenoside
Product Specification: 5% -80% Ginsenosides (UV-HPLC)
Latin Name: Panax Genseng
Product Type: Off White to Brown Powder, Ginseng Slice, Ginseng Root
Part of the Plant Used Root(Dried, 100% Natural)
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol, Water

1.To enhance physical strength and inhibit senescence;
2.Calming, promoting nerve growing, anti-convulsion & labor pains;
3.Korean ginseng extract can be used in treatment and prevention of hepatitis and cirrhosis;
4.Improving achroacyte conversion; Inducing immune factor growing; Strengthening immunity;
5.Korean ginseng extract can rapidly improve ischemia myocardial, so it can be used in treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease.

1. Ginseng Extract Applied in food field, it is a kind of nourishing food which has much benefits to brain;

2. Ginseng Extract Applied in medicine field, it can be used to treat coronary heart disease and has better effect;

3. Ginseng Extract Applied in cosmetic field, it owns the function of whitening, dispelling spot, anti-wrinkle and activating skin cells.
Different assay have different color. If you have color requirements please negotiate with service.

Packing & Delivery

Sample: 1kg/bag with Polyethylene bag.
Orders: Professional Drum with net weight 25kg.
Storage:Extraction products should be store in sealed containers, avoiding direct exposure to the sun and moisture place.

Company Profile

Founded in January 2001, Shaanxi Hongda Phytochemistry Co., Ltd. is a professional company combined with technology and scientific research, and belongs to Shaanxi Hongda Group. Shaanxi Hongda Phytochemistry Co., Ltd. has registered capital amounting to RMB 11,600,000 and occupies more than 6900m2. Our workshop is equipped with advanced vacuum-drying and spray-drying machines. Meanwhile, we have sets of advanced stainless steel herbal extract production lines and a stainless steel test workshop. In addition, our factory has lots of qualified workers.

The qualified production lines and strict management system make our products achieve international level, meeting the demand of oversea and domestic markets. Hongda specializes in the research, manufacturing and trading of natural plant extracts. Our company possesses the entire production lines of the plant extracts, high-tech equipment and well-trained personnel. In addition, our firm carries out mass production, conducting plant extract development and production

People of Hongda welcome the domestic and international partners to cooperate with our company, making contribution to the health of mankind together.

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