Маленький детский контейнер для хранения конфет в качестве подарка для аристократического банкета

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Products Description

Zelkova Bonbonniere-Ancient flower pattern by MAKIE-

It is a small case in which a zelkova tree is hollowed out with a potter's wheel,
lacquer is applied to the entire surface with a persimmon lacquer that shows the grain of wood,
and an ancient flower pattern is represented on the lid with a lacquer painting of real gold.

Bonbonnière is a French word that refers to a confectionery container that holds bonbons (such as sugar confectionery).
Since modern times in Japan, elaborately designed confectionery case and crafts distributed
as souvenirs (gifts) for the Aristocratic banquet have been called Bonbonnière.

Size:diameter 100 mm, height 43 mm

Product Name
Zelkova Bonbonnière-Ancient flower pattern by MAKIE-
Brand Name
Nishimura Kisshodo
Place of Origin

Company Profile

kitahara Co., Ltd.
We are an inn (Japanese style inn) in Kyoto. We were founded in 1950. We have accepted a total of more than 2 million customers.
Our ryokan offers guests traditional Japanese meals. In addition, traditional crafts made by Japanese craftsmen are used for vessels and fixtures.
We use our experience to sell quality handmade foods and traditional crafts produced or selected.
The food is cooked by us. It is cooked by a professional Japanese cook using high quality ingredients.
For the tableware, we have selected
the ones that we especially recommend from the ones we use. You can use it at home as well as in restaurants.

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