Свежий мочевичный лимон, алалия лимон, экспортеры лимонов Verna

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We pride ourselves on fresh produce, organic and dry produce items.

Fresh Eureka Lemon, Adalia lemon, Verna Lemon

Eureka Lemons

Eureka is the best known  lemon cultivar. It is oblong, juicy, smooth skin variety and has a medium-gold color and medium thickness. Eureka Seedless Lemon, often rarely has more than 5 seeds per fruit which has good prospects from growing. This lemon has a high acid level and high juice content.


Count per Box: 64 – 72 – 80 – 88 – 100 – 113 – 125 – 138 – 150 – 162 – 180

500g & 750 g/Plastic bags

15 kg/Carton N.W, 16 kg/Carton G.W, Telescopic Box or Standard Carton Park.

Cartons per pallet: 80 (High cube), (1600 boxes per container), 1 x 40ft reefer container

We have 40 acres of sustainable farming that produce premium organic lemons. Farming management is done by applying certified organic materials and using sustainable agricultural practices.

Shipping Documentation:
Quarantine, Phytosanitary certificate, Certificate of origin, Packing list, and Commercial invoice
Delivery Lead Time: 8 - 12 days max.

Supply Network:
Owing to our wide network, we have been able to serve the variegated needs of our clients with effortless ease. We supply the stock of fresh lemons not only to our clients in the domestic market but also to countries such as USA, Europe, North  and South of Africa, UAE Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, pacific Asian countries including Japan.

Navel and Valencia Oranges

Navels Varieties

Navel oranges are available from November through Mid May to end July, with peak supplies in January, February and March.  Considered the world’s finest orange for eating, navels are seedless, and they peel and segment easily.

Exceptionally good late navel, harvested from July onwards, firm and crispy flesh, juicy with a fine, rich flavour. It is deep orange when ripe, with a smooth rind.

Cambria Navelate
Cambria is a Navelate with medium to large sized fruit and has a small navel which is often concealed. It is a top quality orange with a consistent, pleasant, sweet flavour.

Navel Orange Specifications:

Treatment: Washed and Waxed and treated with O.P.P with colored printed labels.
Sizing: Electronic computing
Navels Acid levels: 0.9
Navels brix levels: 12
Sizes: 36/40/42/48/56/64/72/80/88/105/100/113/125
package: 15 kg N.W.-16 kg G.W. Standard carton or Telescopic Carton
15 kg Open Top Carton
8 kg Carton

Valencia Varieties

Valencia oranges often called summer oranges are actually available from February through October, with peak supplies in May, June and July. Valencia oranges are small to medium sized, and they may have a few seeds. They are usually thin-skinned.

Midknight is a Valencia type, virtually seedless, with an exceptionally high juice content, better flavour, and significantly larger fruit size than ordinary Valencias. It has excellent eating quality.

Delta is a Valencia type orange of medium to large size, a roundish-oblong in shape, with a well-coloured, moderately thin rind of smooth, but sometimes finely pebbled, texture. It is not difficult to peel when fully mature, the rind is thin and leathery and the flesh well coloured, with a very high juice content of outstanding colour and good flavour.

Valencia Orange Specifications:

Treatment: Washed and Waxed and treated with O.P.P with colored printed labels.
Sizing: Electronic computing
Valencia Acid levels: 0.9
Valencia brix levels: 12
Sizes: 48/56/64/72/80/88/100/105/113/125
Packing: 15 kg N.W: -16 kg G.W. Telescopic Carton or Standard carton
15 kg Open Top Carton
8 kg Carton

General Packaging Style available:

Container Capacity:

Tons per container: 24 Tons.
Pallets per container: 20 Pallets
Cartons per container: 1600 Carton /15 KG, 3000 Cartons/ 8 KG
Cartons per pallet: 80 Carton / 15 kg, 150 Cartons / 8 Kg,
Pallet grosses Weight: 1200 KG, 1 x 40FT Reefer Container

Status: Available

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Our specialties include

  • Very safe and Healthy Fresh/dry Produce items

  • Beautiful colours of produce items

  • Excellent flavours/ taste

  • Good Shelf Life

  • Excellent value for money

  • Food Safety and traceability of our best quality Australian and Globally sourced Fresh Produce Items.


We are leader in Food and Agri Business and involved in  sourcing out directly from the growers, producers and pack house establishment for European and Global fresh produce items and exporting/importing Fresh Produce items including Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, dry fruits, organically grown fresh produces items to the global markets at very competitive rates throughout the year:


Fresh Citrus Navel oranges, Lemons,Mandarins,valencia orange,Lime        



1.Inner packing:1pc/white or red plastic transparent bag.

2.Outer packing: 4.0/7.0/7.5/8.0/9.0/10.0/14/15kg/basket or Gift carton


4.0kg-6500 Carton/40RH

7.0kg-3800 Carton/40RH

7.5kg-3580 Carton/40RH

8.0kg-3300 Carton/40RH


10kg-2600 Carton/40RH

14kg-2000 Carton/40RH

15kg-1800 Carton/40RH


Main market
South-East Asia, Mid-East, Russian area, Europe, America, Africa etc

4)  By discussing with clients.



Season: (October till end of March)

Sizes:   80 , 88 , 100 , 105 , 113 , 125 , 138 , 165 .

Shape: round shape, seeds, fat skin, juicy

  • Verna Lemon :  

Season: (February till end of May)

 Sizes: 80, 88, 100 , 105 , 113 , 125 , 138 , 165.

Shape: long, thin skin, seeds, more juicy

  • Baladi (banzaher & limes)

Season: (around year)

Size: (150,160, 174, 190)

Color: yellow in (winter & spring) green in (summer and autumn)


Standard Packing & shipping:

(Container 40 Reefer (under +5 celeclius)

Net weight per whole container HQ reefer: 24 MT

No of carton No of pallet per container: 20

For Verna, adalia:

Telescopic Carton Net Weight 15 KG, Gross 15, 85 KG

No of carton per (one pallet: 80),( container: 1600)Cartons


For limes:

10 or 15 kg in mesh bag, or carton


Optimum Temperature: 12 – 14 for storing for five months

Optimum Relative Humidity: 90 – 95%

Delivery Terms:FOB,CIF.      

Delivery time: 7-10 days after the payment.






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