Прямая поставка, миниатюрное средство для удаления катышков, триммер для волос, машинка для срезания пуха, портативный эпилятор, бритва для свитеров и одежды, инструменты для очистки

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Dropship Mini Lint Remover Hair Ball Trimmer Fuzz Pellet Cut Machine Portable Epilator Sweater Clothes Shaver Cleaning Tools


1. No need to charge, no battery, light brush, no hairball

2. The overall compact shape, easy to carry, ready to go out, easy to live

3.Select ABS material, resist pressure and fall, durable

4. Grab the net without hurting the surface of the clothes, leaving no traces, only catching the ball

5. The catching net is detachable, which is convenient for cleaning the hair bulbs under the roll.


Name: Manual ball remover

Material: ABS

Size: 7.5*6.2cm (single head), 8*6.5cm (double head)

Weight: 39g (single head), 40g (double head)

Packing boxes

Package Included:

1*Lint Remover


Manual measurement of some errors, please prevail in kind, please forgive me!

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