Импортер высокой свежести, морские морепродукты, морепродукты из Японии

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Products Information

We have partnered with Ogawa Company, a four major sea urchin processing manufacturer in Hokkaido, to purchase directly from the production area before entering the Tokyo market. According to your request, we will pack products of the desired quality in a box of the desired size and deliver them in the highest freshness.
The containers range from small wooden boxes for 70g /120g to a 200g lunch box with a few alums with holes in our original four corners, a lunch box containing 250g, and a large box containing 300g, and we will pack boxes according to customer's request.
The raw materials of sea urchins are not only from all of Hokkaido, but also from Russia and Canada, and depending on the season, we order the highest quality items from the best regions for that time of year and pack them in boxes.
Sea urchins arriving by plane from Hokkaido are all airlifted from Tokyo airports and delivered to customers with the highest freshness.
We also offer frozen steamed sea urchins that can be supplied stably annually.

200g Ogawa white sea urchin

200g Ogawa red sea urchin

Small box of Ogawa white sea urchin 70g

Small box of Ogawa red sea urchin 70g

Steamed Ogawa sea urchin

Catching sea urchin in the brook
Ogawa sea urchin processing plant

Cracked sea urchin in a creek shell

Small bowl of sea urchin
Sea urchin rice

Product name
Our special raw sea urchin 70g
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Global Fish

Company Information

We deliver Japanese quality food directly from local farmers in Japan to your door for the best possible deals. We partner with more than 300 highest quality food suppliers in Japan and over a hundred of high-end customers, such as luxury hotels, wedding venues and Michelin starred restaurants. We believe that our business model "delivering quality food directly from local fishers and farmers in Japan to the world at the best price possible" brings a win-win situation where all the parties involved come out winning.

We examine the quality of the seafood and directly buy at each local fishing port before they go to the central Tokyo fish market.This syster enables us to offer you the freshest seafood at the best price with the highest quantity.
We also have the local farmers network that offers special Wagyu beef, Japanese native chicken and pork, or wild mushrooms and
other organic vegetables that grow and hamyested in specialized areas in Japan.
In addition, we offer award- winning Matcha green tea and unique salt, soy sauce, miso and other seasonings and beverages from local Japanese farmers to make your food business unique and special to your customers.

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