A5 Акварельная бумага 160 г/кв. М качественная бумага холодного прессования для художников

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-Made of pure cotton pulp, there are characteristics of good absorption of water, pilling resistance, acid free rub resistance and durable enough to daub repeatedly.
-The thick and smooth surface makes it ideal for pencils, pens, graphite, charcoal, and more.
-A great gift for those who loves drawing.

-Colour: White, beige
-Material: Paper
-Size: A5 148×210mm
-It opens flat on any surface and allows you to flip effortless from one sheet to another.
-We use recycled, acid free and pH neutral paper that is safe to use and resists unwanted yellowing over time.
-With high quality material and non-toxic.
-Easy and convenient to carry and use, you can bring it to outside.
-Compatible with: pencils, ink, crayons, pastels and so on; The watercolor paper can be sent to person who like acrylic painting, watercolor painting, sketch, etc.1.jpg2.jpgs-l1600.jpg3.jpg

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