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Описание и отзывы


Product Paramenters

Working temperature:
<40 centigrade
Product name:
wireless remote control
Decoding type:
copy type,learning type,etc
Product model:
Remote control distance:
>30m(Open distance)
Working voltage:
Working frequency:
Working current:
Product size:
Quiescent current:
Product application:
Garage door,anti-theft alarm,etc

Details Images

Operating Instructions

1. Code clearing method:
At the same time, press and hold the above two keys (e.g. a and b) to make the indicator light flash quickly for three times, one hand does not loosen, and the other hand repeatedly presses three times to make the indicator light flash and release. When you press the key again, the indicator light will not light up, indicating that the data is cleared successfully.

2. Copy method:
After code clearing, put the copy remote control together with the original remote control, press and hold the two keys to be copied (e.g. a -) at the same time, and let go after the indicator light of the copy remote control starts to flash, indicating that the copy is successful, and copy other keys in turn as required. (Note: the copy remote control should be as close as possible to the original remote control to improve the copy accuracy. When you press the key again after the copy is successful, the indicator light is always on, indicating that the copy is successful.)

3. Recovery method:
When you accidentally clear the data in the copy remote control, you can press the two buttons at the bottom of the copy remote control at the same time, and the indicator light will flash quickly for about 2 seconds. After you let go, press any button, and the indicator light is always on, indicating that the previous data has been recovered. Be sure to clear the original data in the copy remote control before copying other remote controls.

Packaging and Delivery


Delivery way:
We usually transport goods through DHL, FedEx, ups and TNT. We can also choose your preferred mode of transportation according to your requirements


Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A:Yes, we have our own factory, R&D department,production line, SMT&Plug-in,automatically screw drivermachine etc . Q2:Can I visit your factory?
A:Certainly,welcome.Our address: No. 10, 1st lane, 1st Road, Shijie village, Yantian,Fenggang town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Q3.Could I order one piece for sample to test the quality?
A;Yes, samples can be provided.
Q4;What should I know before ordering?
A;Please let me know the frequency (433.92 is the most common frequency),code (fixed code EV1527, rolling code HCS301 or duplicator). And please also let me know the quantity, our MOQ is 100pcs.

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