Бесигловый неинвазивный водяной мезопистолет Seyo TDA для удаления морщин, антивозрастной косметический аппарат, Япония

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Japan Seyo TDA Needle-free Non-invasive Water Meso Gun Wrinkle Removal Anti-aging Beauty Machine


We are the original manufacturer of this machine in China. Now we are seeking for beauty machines distributors all over the world. If you want to have a brilliant future, then please do not hesitate to contact us !! We have great ability to offer you high quality beauty machines with best price !!




Newest Technology-TDA System( No-Needle Mesotherapy )
The average thickness of the epidermis is about 0.4mm, and deep treatment can only be done through invasive and invasive treatment.

Generally only 21% concentration of oxygen in the air, our machine adopt the latest German the TDA technology, the essence liquid of the rich in bioactive nutrient substances with large molecules can be mixed with a high concentration of 62% pure oxygen, at supersonic speeds (up to 450 m/s) directly penetrate the deepest skin layers, painless, no trauma, precise injection in the dermis, sustained and effective make the skin cell regeneration, recreate the youth brilliance.






The Perfect Program For Every Skin Type
Whatever your skin’s individual needs, our machine can offer the right program. Benefit from three advantages of a made-to-measure dermatological cosmetic by No-Needle Mesotherapy:
1. Targeted treatment of the face, neck, hands and décolletage, but also of problem areas with scars.
2. The active substance dosage can be partially intensified, for example for the area requiring special care around the eyes.
3. The application is tailored to the physical properties of the respective combinations of active substances. This ensures that the substances enter the skin and can achieve their full effect.








Treatment Overview
Areas of application: Anti-aging for the face, neck, décolleté and hands
Treatment type: non-invasive treatment
Downtime: none
Side effects: basically none
Treatment time: 45 – 60 min
Treatment recommendation: 4 – 6 treatments as a cure every 2 weeks, then once a month
Treatment results: wrinkle reduction, improvement and refinement of the complexion, activation of natural skin regeneration, reduced pigment spots


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