Дрожжи, обогащенные селеном, 2000ppm

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Products Description

Introduction :
The selenium-enriched yeast adds selenium in the process of culturing the yeast. When the yeast grows, it absorbs and utilizes selenium, so that selenium is organically combined with the protein and polysaccharides in the yeast to convert it into biological selenium, thereby eliminating chemical selenium (such as sodium selenite) The toxic and side effects and gastrointestinal irritation to the human body enable selenium to be absorbed and utilized by the human body more efficiently and safely.

Name: Selenium-enriched yeast
Foreign name: Selenium enriched yeast
Function: absorb and utilize selenium, eliminate chemical selenium, etc.
Application: as raw material for selenium supplements, cosmetics, etc.
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage: cool and dry place

Function and Application

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Recommended transportation selections
Recommended transportation selections
By Express
By Air Transportation
By Sea Transportation
Suitable for sample order or <50kg
Fast: 3-10 days
High shipping cost
Door to door service
Suitable for >50kg
Fast: 3-7 days
Lower than express cost
Airport to airport service
Professional broker needed
Suitable for > 300kg
Slow: 7-45 days
Lowest cost
Port to port service
Professional broker needed


1. Can I get some free sample?
Yes, we offer free sample to client but the shipping cost will be paid by client.
2. How to place order online?
Performa invoice will be sent after confirmation from the client along with our bank details. In the same time we also accept PO as an confirmation to prepare the shipment.
3. How to make payment and what is the payment term?
Payment can be done by T/T, Credit Card, Western Union, PayPal and more.
4. How about delivery time?
Delivery time is about 3-5 days after payment made. But this need to be checked with sales person if there is stock.
5. Is there any discount?
Yes, some of the products is apply for discount, but it depends on the quantity.

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