Аксессуары для цементного силоса, вспомогательный Флотатор, аэратор, разбрызгиватель арки, вибрасилос, брофлотационный аэратор, сломанная подушка

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Product Overview

Vibrating bin silo aeration pad

The powder-assisted air pad can effectively prevent arching phenomena such as bridging and rat-hole blockage of materials in the cone storage tank (silo). Because there are many honeycomb-shaped micropores on the surface, when compressed air is introduced, the air flows out along the honeycomb holes, giving a pulse-shaped airflow impulse (0.2bar) to the accumulated materials at the bottom of the cone, allowing the materials to float and increase the flow of the materials , So as to smoothly flow out of the tank.


Operating air pressure
0.2 bar (3 PSI)
Air consumption
0.12 m3/h (0.07 cfm) at 0.2 bar (2.9 PSI) (under continuous working condition)
Weight with box
250g (0.55 lb)
Suitable for
acting on cement, lime and similar powdery materials

Company Profile

Wuxi Bangyao Automatic Control Technology Co.,Ltd.
Mainly focused in the automatic quantitative packaging scales and related automation equipment production lines for engineering
plastics, chemical industry, mining and feed industries, and a complete set of packaging solutions.
We also are committed to quantitative packaging automation, providing single-function equipment with different functions, all types of roller and belt conveyors, metal detectors, weight detectors, various types of picking equipment and other automation equipment.

Manufacturing Technique

Package & Shipment



Q:Are you a factory?
A:Yes. Our factory is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Welcome to visit our factory if your time permitted.

Q:What are your payment terms?
A:FOB, T/T,etc. 30% in advance and 70% before delivery.

Q:How long is your warranty?
A:One year, we will try our best to ensure you interests.

Q:How to get the best suitable machine?
A:Please give us such information:the materials of product, the materials of bags,output,capacity, and it would be best if you give us your contact information.

Q:How to get in touch with us quickly?
A:Leave us your contact information as soon as possible.

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