Точечный Volkswagen car id.4 x pure + crozz Электрический автомобильный Новый электромобиль

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Chinese name
1st Edition
Pure version
Pure, long-life version
Very intelligent long endurance version
ID. first edition
Car model
Long x x wide x high (mm)
4612 x 1852 x 1640
Wheelbase (mm)
Luggage compartment volume (L)
Reconditioning mass (kg)
Power battery type
ternary lithium ion power battery
Power Battery Capacity (kWh)
Quick Charge 0~80% Power Time (min) (1)
About 40
Standard Charge 0~100% Power Time (h) (2)
About 8.5
About 12.5
Drive mode
Drive motor type
Rear: a permanent magnet synchronous motor
Drive Motor Peak Power (kW)
Drive Motor Peak Torque (Nm)
Transmission type
Single-speed ratio two-speed reducer
NEDC integrated power consumption (kWh/100km) (3)
NEDC Integrated Operating Conditions Range (km) (4)
402 (5)
0~50km/h acceleration time (s)
Maximum vehicle speed (km/h)

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Question 1: How to place an order?
A: The procedure is like this:
1). Contact customer service to determine the freight and product model, configuration, quantity and other detailed information (you can also arrange freight forwarding by yourself);
2). We provide you with a proforma invoice according to your final decision, which contains all product details;
3). You need to arrange 30% of the payment to our bank account, and then we will prepare the product to start production (the cycle is generally about 10 days, which can be shipped specifically for your order configuration quantity);
4). After the product is completed, the remaining payment is paid, and we arrange forwarder delivery (or we provide relevant information to arrange forwarder transportation by ourselves).
5). After completing this process, the customer service will track the product location and notify you when it is about to arrive and when it arrives, so that you can quickly prepare for customs clearance and other related issues.
6). After getting the items, there will be a dedicated after-sales team waiting for your follow-up feedback.

Q2. What does your FOB reference price include?
A: FOB price only includes cost. If you do not have your own freight forwarder, please provide us with a port near you
Countries/regions, we will quote CIF prices including shipping costs.

Q3. What is your warranty service?
A: We provide a one-year warranty for the motor, battery and controller.

Q4. Why can't I use Express Service and order by myself?
A: After the product is packaged, the volume is large and contains a lot of batteries. It can be transported by rail but the cost is too high (the appearance of the product may be worn)

Q5. What if I still insist on home delivery?
A: Please provide your address, then we can check the details.

Q6. What is your production/delivery time?
A: The production/delivery time will be controlled within 30 days (generally, it can be shipped in 10 days and simple configuration is 2-3 days).

Q7. Do you test all items before shipping?
A: Yes, we have passed 100% testing before shipment (basic equipment testing also includes roads, climbing, raining, over-water roads, etc.).

Q8. Do you support sample shipment?
A: Yes, we support shipping samples to the port

Q9. How to guarantee my order after placing an order?
A: We will track your order and provide production video throughout the process. After delivery, the location of the item will also be tracked and provided to you until you receive the item. There will also be dedicated customer service to receive your follow-up feedback

Why Choose Us

Customer Warranty
1. Motor 2 years
2. 6 months of controller and charger
3. One year battery

Why choose us?
1. Complete certificate
2. Perform 100% QC inspection before leaving the factory
3.100% tracking the progress of product orders and feedback
4. Real-time tracking of customers to ensure that orders are produced in strict accordance with customer plans
5. Complete development and supply chain to provide follow-up quality assuranc

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